Ninety six died, and Lord Taylor got it right

Twenty eight years ago, ninety-six people died at a football match at the Hillsborough ground. 

Lord justice Taylor, in a restrained and admirably detailed report, published his findings


The Taylor Report, from a senior High Court Judge, in possession of all the relevant facts and taken in a considered yet speedy determination, brought forward many recommendations; which transformed the manner in which the very stadiums were built, approached, guarded and utilised. A substantial part of the Report deals with ‘Football Hooligans’; their methods, organisation and how to work against them. Time and time again, the Report makes strong recommendations to limit the effect that hooligans have on the game, and the extraordinary tactics which have to be used to control the so-called ‘fans’ behaviour when arriving at an ‘away’ ground, the fact that they have to be marshalled and escorted by mounted and mobile police all the way to the grounds, specifically to keep the ‘Home Fans’ separate and segregated from the ‘Away Fans’ at all times.