To the women of Northern Ireland

You should now rejoice, for, because of the weasel manoeuvres of Labour’s Stella Creasy, aided by some 100 similar blood-thirsty lickspitltle Members of Parliament; you will now be able to kill your unborn and unwanted baby efficiently, quickly and at no monetary cost, apart that is from paying for travel to England or Scotland.

As we all should be aware, our  terminally-stupid Prime Minister, in her vanity-driven attempt to increase the Tory majority based on a set of deeply-flawed opinion polls, aided by a Manifesto which alienated at least a third of Tory supporters, guided by ferocious advisers who just ‘knew’ that they, and they alone, knew what the Prime Minister wished: delivered the fact of a Minority Tory Government, propped up by the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

During discussions and proposals for the debate on the Queen’s Speech, otherwise known as the definitive list of Legislation to be brought before Parliament, Stella Creasy authored an Amendment which strikes at the very heart of the D.U.P.’s stance on abortion. She proposed that the UK fund any abortions for Northern Irish women seeking to abort their unborn children, and who, whilst being prohibited from having those murders terminations within their borders, were quite free to travel to the mainland; but had previously to pay for the murderous abortion providers to carry out those killings abortions. She garnered the support of over 100 MPs, and of course, if an Amendment had passed, the DUP would most likely have still voted with the Government, but would have done so with gritted teeth.

Readers will note that I have struck out three words within my post. I do so reluctantly, because, unfortunately, the ability and practice of Abortion is legal, at least in England, Scotland and Wales. Only in Northern Ireland have those protectors of unborn babies held sway against the monstrous murder machine which has killed, in 2016, 190,406 unborn babies in England and Wales.

Now some who approve of, and wish for ever more, murders (IMOHO) will no doubt fulminate and accuse me, a mere man, of attempting to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Not so, I am stating that, morally speaking, those 190,406 human-womb-borne entities could have resulted in 190,406 living, breathing, smiling babies: and who gave us the right to institute and condone mass murder? I do not preach on religious grounds; I would state that those 99.8% of women who claimed that the birth of their child would give rise to risk to their mental health were lying, aided by the complaisant State, the willing medical practitioners and so-called ‘Family Planning’ butchers shops such as BPAS; along with an equally complaisant Media, whose editorial blessings rain down on the damned. They just do not want the inconvenience of carrying a foetus; a baby, to full term, for whatever reason claimed or allowed under the Law.

Some argue that a baby cannot be called a baby until it is born. Some would argue that abortions be allowed until the features and limbs are formed, and are capable of movement, I would argue that, whatever the so-called ethical considerations, whatever the carefully-delineated allowances, our Society is condoning murder, and on a truly massive scale.

Some may well argue that I should hold to the view, held by many, that each woman has the right to do what she wishes with her own body. I would merely state that the woman is not ‘doing something’ when she procures or arranges an abortion, she is killing an entity which, given time, is capable of independent Life. I used to hold alternative views. These have now changed. I am against all forms of baby-killing, for whatever the motive, reason or circumstance.