Latest News …….Grenfell Inquiry Chair(man/woman/person/it) Chosen

Further to the three-year-long frantic search for someone suitable and ‘acceptable’ to the ‘Blessed survivors of the Capitalist Fire-Drenched Tower’. It has been announced that, after a nationwide database search, a suitably qualified Black, Lesbian, Disabled, Small Person, transgendered Sunni Muslim, who can actually both speak and write English, albeit as a third language; has been chosen to head the augmented Inquiry.

The terms of the Inquiry, which range from:-

  • the iniquity of making people live in such dangerous places, instead of being set up in Millionaire’s Row in Hampstead,

  • through the true and real reasons why the vote for Labour was actually worse in 2017 than the 2010 result, (ignoring the huge rise in MPVs [Muslim Postal Votes]) which were machine-marked to the locaL LABOUR candidates;

  • through the real reasons why the Council was forced to use EU Regulation-compliant cladding, despite the Residents’ calls for cladding manufactured in the Emirates, and available through the friend, of a friend, who knew a fella’ with good connections in Dubai, which was only twice the price;

  • Why many of the Tower’s residents were forced to apply for asylum in compliance with the criminally-discriminatory policies of this truly-Fascist Tory Government, instead of being able to walk in and sign up for all the Social Welfare Benefits available, like they can do in France/Germany/Sweden;

  • Why the Fire Crews did not buy extension ladders such as the HLA F-112 from Bronto, which might have reached the top floors, despite the crippling cost of each vehicle; and was the real reason being that there were only Ethnic Minorities housed in the tower blocks, and they didn’t really count;

  • The Inquiry to ascertain why there was no Action Plan for such a disaster, despite there being no other Council across the Four Nations with anything remotely similar;

  • The Inquiry to confirm the decisions of the Council when dismissing, without compensation, any Council employees who asked any questions at all, of anyone who stated that they were survivors who did not have any documentation to prove whom they were, on the reasonable excuse that everything had been burnt up in the blaze.

  • The Inquiry to further exact a financial penalty from the Home Office for the iniquitous behaviour of refusing to settle, immediately, with both Permanent Residence and British Passports; the 21,734 relatives who had travelled vast distances to attend funerals of their loved ones; even though such proof of that relationship was never, ever, gained.

..have now been finalised, excepting anything more than the ‘Survivors’ group can come up with.

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