The dictionary definition of ‘want’

Yes, I have been burnt out of the place I called home, and the other medic bloke says I was traumatised: despite actually living two miles away when the tower burnt down. Yes, I have been offered eight places, homes, but I want exactly what I had before. I want permanent tenure, I want to be near all the places I had access to before the fire. I maybe illegally sub-let my flat before the fire, but things are different now, my flat has gone (and along with the flat went all the illegally obtained rent which was being paid by Mo, Asi, Mo and his wives, Isla, Anjhem, Abu, and the other ten blokes whose names will never be known because they was all burnt up); and I know my rights, and they are Human Rights, and you lot have got to understand that we know our rights.

I want a judge that I approve of to hold the Inquiry, I want him or her to be able to empathise with me and my fellow residents, despite many, if not all of us actually being in breach of UK immigration Law. I want a touchy-feely person, one of us in all but fact, so he can actually know the degrading process I, and all my friends, went through to get here in the first place, and I want him to understand our rage that these British people just don’t want us here in that same first place! I want him to say that the people who placed us in the Tower should all stand trial. I want him to know that we don’t care that the cladding was in accord with EU Regulations. I want,………I want, I want to be heard and I want to be paid all the benefits while I am here. I want some more of that free cash which is being handed out, and I want to know how to get even more!