Climate Temperatures are Raised

Whilst I have never claimed to really understand the Canadian Legal System, and probably nobody else does either, apart from a few Canucks themselves; and again perhaps understanding mainly the outline of this legal story, could it really be the end of the legal battle between ‘climate changer’ Michael Mann and his long-time legal opponent Dr. Tim Ball?

Long time back, Dr. Ball opined that Michael Mann’s climate change calculations were, literally, hooey; so Mann slapped a LAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) libel suit in the British Columbia Supreme Court, Vancouver six long years ago.

Unfortunately, six years later, the Court accepted the Plaintiff’s plea arrangement for the further adjournment of the trial, as the Defendant had also agreed that this delay could take place, as long as Mann kicked up with all his computer data and codes for the Court’s examination by a certain date. Calendar clicks forwards, Mann doesn’t come up with the codes and proof, and it now looks as though Dr. Ball triumphs, as the Canadian Court can now charge Mann with contempt. Contempt sanctions could reasonably include the judge ruling that Dr. Ball’s statement that Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn. State’ is a precise and true statement of fact.

But better news is heading down the legal highway. Michael Mann, once the darling of the ‘Climate Change Brigade’, with his now-infamous ‘Hockey Stick’ graph, so beloved of the IPCC, Gore and all the warmish crowd, is now looking at the collapse of his celebrated trial and suit against Mark Steyn. Not bad for a Tuesday!

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