Poles Apart

San Francisco has got nothing to worry about. Well, nothing to worry at least about on the score of their ‘Sanctuary City’ status and local Law. That is the idea that some illegal alien is protected from US Immigration Law investigators if arrested by local police for a felony.

Their worry? They might have been overtaken by a whole Nation! Well, that was this bloke’s idea in Poland. Civic Platform (PO) leader Grzegorz Schetyna announced the party was going to unveil a list of cities and regions which are willing to host migrants, to send the message that Poland shows “solidarity” in the face of the migrant crisis.

The EU wants Poland to welcome a fair slice of the 1.3 million-odd overwhelmingly Muslim migrants whom Angela Merkel welcomed on an open-door policy after that little kid was pictured dead on a Greek beach, despite some opposition from her opposite numbers within the EU.

The Poles replied, fairly rapidly; “No Way Angie-baby’ quoting a fairly long nation-wide memory of being overrun before by invaders, and definitely not wishing to give a new set of invaders a foothold.

So the Civic Platform leader started of with a list of cities, but hit a major roadblock when Poles just said ‘Not Bothered’ or, in Polish, ‘Bollox’!. He ended up by admitting he had “about a dozen villages showing a sign of goodwill.”

I mentioned ‘SanFran’ not having much to worry about. If Kate’s Law and ‘No Sanctuary for Criminals Act’ get through the Senate, they may just have a whole heap more to worry about than Poland, they may be forced to cough damages for the innocents murdered and savaged by the actions of those given ‘Sanctuary’ by their oh-so-liberal politicians.