..and (Queers now Rule) We decide what is taught in school!

As I previously wrote regarding my council question, which apparently will be answered within the Council meeting, I was asking if the Council agrees with Ofsted or with me on the subject of teaching and describing homosexual acts and practices to small girls and boys.

I now read that the Vishnitz Girls School looks as though it is being forced to close down.

This harsh stance against alleged ‘bullying’ is promoted and encouraged by one Luke Tryl, who campaigned against homophobic bullying as head of education at the gay rights group Stonewall, as a special adviser.

His close ties to the Cabinet minister gave him huge influence and his appointment in 2014 coincided with a marked change in the approach to teaching LGBT issues in Britain’s schools.

Luke Tryl was appointed Director of Corporate Strategy at Ofsted, and the campaign appeared to step up a gear.


This clown is now in charge, and we all have to bow down before this Fascist bully, who wishes, as far as I can see, to wipe out Faith Schools within England who will not accommodate his homosexual viewpoints!