A car? Its not JUST a car!

Akikul Islam, 25, was today handed the lengthy jail sentence after being found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm in May. He was found guilty of driving his Range Rover into a crowd of Muslims whom had been celebrating some Mossie festival or other.

I mean to say, a Range Rover; heaven forfend!

The manufacturers issued a statement abhorring the violence, adding “We could maybe have understood the actions if he had been driving a Ford Focus, or even a Suzuki Lliana, with all the mental trauma associated with less prestigious automobiles; but a Range Rover! We just cannot understand the mental processes generating violence whilst seated in and driving one of our luxurious vehicles; the two just do not mix, not at all!

In a further statement, the manufacturers also stated that the vehicle suffered no damage whatsoever, and was rendered once more pristine after a thorough clean and polish.

As second and even ‘third’ thoughts enter my mind, replete as it is after a really pleasant Sunday lunch; I have to ask how it is that this little gem hasn’t been publicised before now. I mean, one drunken Welsh bloke drives a car into a crowd of Muslims, and there are six-inch high headlines across the nation; the Prime Minister calls up Cobra, and makes a speech stating that ‘Enough is Enough’, as well as ‘Extremism will never win!’. Then we have this bloke, driving his car into another bunch of Muslims, dealing out injuries to two men, and he ends up being reported in the Evening Standard Crime pages.

Could it be a simple case of colour? The white bloke got all the headlines: the brown Muslim bloke. similar charges; gets a fill-in piece in a give-away newspaper. Strange, very, very Strange!!!

An alternate view of an average car owner’s mental processes:-


h/t to Oh What Now


One thought on “A car? Its not JUST a car!

  1. Mate of mine advised me that the particulars of this attack were covered in the Sun.

    My defence? Who on earth with any sense of education or moral integrity buys the Sun?

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