The Law has spoken!

We have travelled this path before. With Debbie Purdy, with Craig Ewart, with Chris Woodhead; along with many, many others who have not caught the headlines.

Parliament has decided,  and has rejected the path towards Euthanasia. The Courts have spoken, that the Law, as interpreted by those same Courts, is firm on this matter. To assist someone to die is illegal, is against the Law.

Individuals who have challenged the Law have lost, every time. Some, like Tony Nicklinson, choose the legal route, who denied himself food, but died from pneumonia.

Noel Conway wants to die on his terms. That is against the Law. Mr. Conway wants to die with drug assistance from medical people. But Mr. Conway has the choice, if he wishes, to die tomorrow. All he has to do is refuse his ventilator, and he suffocates; he can deny himself food, and he dies from starvation. Suicide is a straight-forward option, and no-one can stop him; but he wants someone else to do the dirty work, he wants someone to feed him the pill, he wants someone else to be involved, and that, folks, is simply against the Law!

So what is his problem?


One thought on “The Law has spoken!

  1. I have taken an old beloved pet to the vets and had it put down to let it escape more suffering what’s the problem?

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