Play it again, Sir Michael…

When the BBC trots out an ‘expert’, many things can be guaranteed. He, or she, will be presented as a ‘world or leading authority’ on the subject being discussed; he will be definitive in the conclusions reached by his research, as one would expect; and he will give his reasons for reaching this conclusion. He will also, by very definition, be an opponent of some strategy or operational requirement of the Government, especially if the Government of the day is Tory.

So, it was again this morning, with our very special expert being Sir Michael Marmot. Now this guy is seemingly, overqualified to be anything else that the Angel Gabriel. He has awards, degrees and doctorates up the kazoo; he has been there, and written about it many times.

He comes onto the Today Programme to discuss his ‘findings’ that we, as a nation, aren’t living quite as long as health statisticians believed we should be, and matter-of-factly stated that he knew why our ageing wasn’t extending as prophesied.

Firstly, he stated that this showed the growth in life expectancy was “pretty close to having ground to a halt”.

He said that was historically highly unusual” given the rising life expectancy seen over the past 100 years.

He also said ‘ “miserly” funding settlements for the NHS and social care, which meant the quality of life for older people would have deteriorated and could well affect their life expectancy.

“I am deeply concerned with the levelling off, I expected it to keep getting better.”

He said it was hard to draw firm conclusions about the cause…..

..BUT, it was “entirely possible” austerity had played a role.


All is revealed:-



Stands to reason, innit?

The single omission did surprise me. He didn’t manage to bring ‘Climate Change’ into the equation.

One thought on “Play it again, Sir Michael…

  1. I reckon it’s down to all the inbred third world barbarians that have invaded our country. Apart from lowering the collective IQ of the country considerably, they bring all sorts of disabilities and diseases with them…..

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