….some of my best friends are tall black coffee-drinkers!!!

Alternate title……The Chips are down!

So, you are walking down a busy street in ‘Wherever City’. You have an appointment; your car broke down, the train was late, the ‘Uber’ app on your iPhone just would not kick out a call: so, you walk. But people coming towards you just don’t understand that a) you are going to be late, b) you are obviously in a hurry, and c) you are very aware of your own self-importance. So why won’t these ‘White Women’ just move aside and let you through the hordes, instead of blocking your path with their silly, self-absorbed and totally racist attitudes? (Forgot to mention; you are tall and black.)

Seems as though this black bloke gets rather frustrated when people won’t get out of his way (because he is obviously big, and black, and so very, very important) when walking briskly in New York. He takes to task only one sector of the Big Apple’s massive crowds of pedestrians, and one only. He states ‘White Women’ deliberately ignore him, deny eye contact with him, and sometimes literally force him off the sidewalk onto the road: and do all this because he is a big black man.

I would place good money on the response he would get if he ever stated his problems with ‘White Women’ to his mother. She would tell him one thing and one thing only: if any man, black, white, khaki, ever deliberately stood in her way, or walked towards her and exhibited the bad manners and distinct lack of courtesy he had explained; she would batter him over the head with her handbag. He was taught and educated to think, and he’d better live up to her ideals, and learn  to remember simple good manners! He was probably taught that it was simply mannerly, when confronted with a lady OF ANY COLOUR AT ALL, to give way to the weaker sex, to show that their being female was a clear signal that they were to be respected, above anything else: and to hell with feminist attitudes!

The New York TImes, who published the original story, cleverly entitled ‘Power Play’, also point to two other stories which profess, or allege, unconscious racism in their lives.

One of the pieces is a perfect example of that which George Bernard Shaw’s ‘bon mot’ which stated ‘Britain and America are two nations divided by a common language.’

‘Waiting’ was about a black couple who seemed to be denied tortilla chips whilst waiting to be served at a Mexican-themed restaurant. Seems the chips are a freebie munchy, to be set out whilst you wait for your food to be served. The couple then saw another couple served with those same chips as they gave their order. The male of the first couple then asked why they were not given free chips, as they were obviously available; and so on, and so forth.  I just don’t understand their problem. Should he have demanded his portion of ‘chips’ as part of the Mexican Experience? Should he have stormed out, accusing the Mexicans of sheer, unadulterated racism? Never having had an overwhelming urge to munch chips at a restaurant, I would simply not know.

Chips, for our readers in the former colonies, in Britain are longitudinally thinly-sliced potatoes, deep-fried in either beef fat or oil, and served, usually lukewarm, as part of what used to be our National dish; ‘fish and chips’. That which you call ‘chips’ are, in Britain; called crisps; similar to heroin in addictive effect; chock-full of totally fattening carbohydrates; and tortilla flavour has actually crept back across the pond, and is now available in all supermarkets. Our National dish, if one believes the Sunday supplement magazines, is now a curry named ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’!