Not Industrial Scale: more Pandemic Scale!

I lived in England until I reached my majority at 21. I served in the British Merchant Navy, I then lived overseas, but the place which I called home was England. Its very roots, its Laws, the makeup of our Nation; my very ancestry, from England and from Northern Ireland spoke volumes. The fact that we could walk the streets free of fear, free of violence; free to trust; implicitly, those placed to tend our needs when in need of medical treatment: these things pulled me back when I returned to England.

What has happened to this Land where such freedoms were both implicit and explicit? The Law itself has altered; has swung away from responsibility to ‘rights’; from where a free man could stand and say exactly what he means: to a place where everyone is afraid to say things straight out because someone might be ‘offended’. We used to accept that the saying ‘Innocent until Proven Guilty’ was the Law of the Land. The Law has been biased towards a viewpoint where the very accused has to prove his innocence, not the accuser to prove that the person opposed is guilty. How can one prove that your opponent has not been ‘offended’ by your words or actions? It is impossible to prove a ‘negative’. And so the strings which used to bind us so tightly have been, once more, fatally weakened!

But I mentioned things medical, where the latest attack on our systems is headed, and as usual, the speartip is formed by the Homosexual Lobby, those who would preach that ‘they are just like us’, that they are ‘no threat to our very way of life’: and so on ad infinitum. The homosexual (and other equally-grisly behaviour) lobby has never, ever strayed from the path of demanding that, risk or no risk, their acolytes should not be ‘discriminated against’ from being able to donate blood without any searching questions whatsoever about their sexual practices being asked at all.

Readers may have noticed reference to a scandal regarding the contamination of blood products imported from America. This was in the 1970’s and early ‘80’s, when people suffering from Haemophilia were treated with blood Factor VIII. As the linked article describes, concentrated Factor VIII was derived from many blood contributions, some of which came from blood sold by American AIDs or HIV sufferers, and the virus was therefore delivered straight into the veins of vulnerable haemophiliacs: giving them AIDs/HIV or Hepatitis C. 2,400 have already died, with many more suffering from these terrible diseases. Andy Burnham, former health minister, called the scandal a “criminal cover-up on an industrial scale”.

So the the National Blood Service (Transfusion), then UK State-Run, decided that until further notice, no blood would be allowed to enter the system from any (anal sex-active) homosexual or drug-using person, as the risks were simply too great. This ruling was modified some years back so that blood donation rules prevented people who engage in risky homosexual- or oral-sex behaviour; or drug use, from giving blood for a 12 month period.

We  now move forwards to today, when we read that the government has announced changes to blood donation rules following a review by the Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO). So the wheels churn around, homosexuals are, seemingly, the good guys nowadays, and their every word is to be trusted, and they now only have to acknowledge that their activities can spawn dread disease up to three months after shoving their penises into some accommodating arsehole (by both name and nature): or some other equally-risky drug use or sexual practice!

We, the users of the blood and plasma now supplied within the NHS, have to take it on trust that the tests, presumably to be carried out on EVERY sachet of blood or plasma passing through the laboratories will actually detect viruses before any incubation period has elapsed. We, the users will have to accept that the SCIENCE behind this ruling has been verified, and we should take it for granted that a Privatised Blood Service has our very best interests at heart! We should also note, with some relief no doubt, that Commercial sex workers, along with those charming individuals who confess ‘sex with a partner who has been sexually active in areas where HIV is common’, are all given that same donor clearance after three months abstinence.

As some may have noted, I was hospitalised a few years back for a major operation, which included many pints of blood to carry me through the process. I made no objection, because I knew I was protected by Law from dread disease! You know something, I am going to find out if I can donate and store my own blood over any time left to me, so that if I need a transfusion, I know where it is safe to look! I will also be advising my adult children to do likewise, for their own protection, as well as my four grandsons!


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