Gender bent, but not otherwise damaged.

When the news cycle, in either London or Washington, churns around towards elections, great play is made by many actors, some good, many not-so-good; when asked for their endorsements / opinions on those standing for office, or political affiliations in general: tend to utter the standard liberal garbage. Anything left-wing, liberal, or as the favourite label goes ‘progressive’, is fairly standard reaction from those who do a different job: because folks, that is what acting is. Its a job. The performers have to know their lines, alter their facial and vocal expressions to suit the tempo and the plot, and in many cases have studied and honed their craft for years, but; again, they are just doing their jobs. Most actors love the very idea of endorsing a favourite politician for President, or for opposing a wicked statement (wicked of course in their eyes and minds) because, as the old saying goes, ‘any publicity is good publicity’.

Martin Sheen did a competent job as standing in as the President in ‘The West Wing’, and won several awards for his role, but got infected by the insidious bug which actors tend to catch, and believed that he was qualified to tell Americans how and who to vote for. He might have studied American Politics to do his job as ‘President Bartlett’, but as for being equipped to ladle out advice on politics, and voting, he had no qualifications other than a belief that HE knew best what and who was to be in the White House, and look what that advice got America. (Obama)

 Michael Caine was asked why he voted ‘Leave’ in the Referendum, and he replied, sensibly, that it wasn’t about immigration, or ‘racism’; it was about Freedom. In other words, he was stating his opinion why he voted, but refrained from telling others how to vote: which, to me, is admirable.

Two actors who preferred to do the other job, of governing as politicians, rather than just pretending, spring to mind: one was the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger; the other was the late President Ronald Reagan. Arnie tried as California’s governor, failed, folded, and went back to acting; but you have to give him credit, at least he gave it a go: Ronald went on to become one of the great Presidents; and as the man who was hailed as ‘The Man who won the War’.

But I would like to write today about an actor who takes the other road, of a sensible, centre-right approach to politics, and who has entered into the cauldron knowing full well he shall be the target of every mouthy liberal, every frothy feminist, and especially any one with a viewpoint on Bender-Gender Politics. James Woods, star of  ‘Contact’ and ‘White House Down’ amongst many others, came full throttle with a Tweet condemning this family who put up a sign telling everyone their son has gone ‘Gender Creative’. Now the science tells us that females, women have xx chromosomes, whilst males, men have xy chromosomes. Women exhibit all the necessary functions for giving birth, vaginas, wombs, periods, breasts which will provide milk for the new-born babe: men have the ability to impregnate the female to enable that birth.

All the drugs, all the surgery in this world will not allow a man to become a woman, and vice versa. The tall, burly man who is the father of the ridiculous bunch of talentless weirdos a.k.a Kardashians, is dressed up as a woman, wants to be addressed as Caitlin, but still talks with a baritone voice; is but typical of the feather-brained mob who seek nowt but publicity. The ones who do need both support and sympathy are suffering from Gender Dysphoria, a mental illness.

Mr. Woods has taken a stand, and the gender-bender wolf packs are already gathering, but I reckon James Woods is ready for a fight, and, after all, he has both science, human biology and a fair few right-wing supporters on his side, so he shouldn’t worry overmuch.

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