Dicken’s Oliver Twist (as amended)….. ‘Give us More’

A new problem for the ever-nearly-broke (£ $ € terms) (Dis)United Nations

Seems as though the United Nations’  UNWRAgency would like to start spending more; a lot more, and it feels it has got to start getting real, and in a hurry, about what cash it would like, and where it would like to spend ever-more of that same cash.

All the ‘buzz words’ are used; such as Taking note with appreciation, recalling, having considered, taking note, noting with appreciation: along with all the other blether which is a major constituent of such documents, the begging letter, otherwise known as the Ecuadorian draft resolution United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East  says many things, notes many achievements; it also re-affirms, welcomes, appeals and expresses its appreciation for cash contributions in the past, totalling $623,000,000.00 (that’s 623 million bucks to the average Joe or Joelene) for 2016 ONLY. What it wants to say for future Donors is to say please; pretty please, kindly keep quiet and otherwise quietly accept without discussion our published hopes for a 61.7% rise in proposed expenditure, as we know that Big Brother Donald, along with his mates in the Republican (and some of the Democrats as well) Senate, are just hoping that we’ll just ask, like Oliver, for ‘some more, please’.

The problem, for UNWRA at least, is the request that future contributions will come from the actual Budget for the United Nations; in other words, the ‘voluntary contributions’ would now become a normal sector of UN disbursement, and this of course would mean an automatic uplift in expected contributions from the major UN Member States, which of course means ‘More Cash from Uncle Sam’. The General Assembly runs the budget, and the U.S.A. has no blocking vote; but can you imagine the uproar from just about all Senators, on both sides of the aisle, never mind an incendiary President; when UNWRA can’t even bother to say ‘thanks’ to its major funder, of some $150,000,000.00 for the previous year?

A troubling (for definitely some Republicans) problem within UNRWA is the fact that the Palestinian Authority routinely pays salaries to the families with terrorists held within Israeli prisons. The payments are supposed to be ‘welfare and subsistence’ payments, but they are listed within PA official papers as ‘Salaries’’ and The Donald apparently blew his top with Mahmoud Abbas when they met. Another item which really ticks Americans off is the strange silence from UNWRA when it was ‘discovered’ that HAMAS were storing rockets in a UNRWA school. In a statement, UNWRA said there were indications that the items found were not rockets, but declined to comment when a reporter asked if they ever recognised the old adage ‘if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…..’

The Resolution is postponed for now, with U.S.A., Canada and Israel opposing the Resolution; but what the reaction of an angry America will be is totally unknown. America is used to being battered by little countries with big mouths, but what will happen when America decides its just had about enough of the trash talk?