..and then if the answer is yes …. Understand now?

Returning, as we should occasionally do, to more mundane times and things, I would like to tell readers of just one example of how we are ruled, bullied and pushed around in our everyday lives.

Imagine, if you would, that you are a woman, married to a man who has been inflicted by Down’s Syndrome. Despite the obvious drawbacks of his state, you have fallen in love with him and married him. You are happy together, but, over the years, you have been unable to become pregnant; so you apply to the Council for fertility treatment.  

A council psychologist ruled that the husband did not have the mental capacity to consent to sex, and a social worker warned you that if you had sex with your  husband you would be committing an offence that can be punished with a 14-year-jail sentence.

The case was described as ‘unique’ by Court of Protection judge Sir Mark Hedley, who ordered the council which employed the social workers to pay compensation.

The award was made not because of the social workers’ threat or the suppression of their sex life, but because the local authority delayed in providing the husband with sex education. The psychologist had said a sex education course would give him the capacity to consent to sex.

Sir Mark did not name the couple and, in keeping with the habitual secrecy of the Court of Protection, the metropolitan council has also remained unnamed and will be shielded from public criticism.

The judge said in his ruling, delivered at the High Court in Leeds and published yesterday, that the couples’ sex life came to an end for almost two years on 27 March 2015. The wife, he said, ‘was advised that she must abstain from sexual intercourse with her husband as that would, given his lack of capacity to consent, comprise a serious criminal offence.’

Under the Sexual Offences Act of 2003, clauses designed to protect vulnerable people from abuse make it an offence to engage in ‘sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder impeding choice.’ Conviction can bring a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail.

The wife was told that if she continued to have sex with her husband, social workers would take ‘safeguarding measures’ to remove either her husband or herself from the home they shared with his parents.

Sir Mark said the wife moved into a separate bedroom, a snub her husband could not understand. The judge said: ‘In order not to lead him on she significantly reduced any physical expressions of affection. The impact of all this on the husband is not difficult to imagine.’

And all, this because some ‘effing Social Worker did not do her job correctly, did not understand the Law under which she worked, and the consequent vicious overreaction of the two-year enforced physical separation of this loving couple!

Possibly THE most despicable BBC comment EVER!

There was a comment stream on the BBC Today describing the tragedy in Barcelona. The contributor was talking about the van which was driven at high speed up the Las Ramblas shopping boulevard. The BBC scumbag commentator then said, to the best of my memory, ‘We have seen cars and trucks used as weapons in these attacks in Nice, twice in Paris, in London, Berlin, Stockholm, CHARLOTTESVILLE; and now Barcelona!”

This mouthy bastard conflates the death of one woman in a savage left wing-right wing brawl, hit by a car driven probably in an attempt to escape the rioters: with the deadly Muslim Islamic terror attacks all over Europe. The mealy-mouthed, twisted, politically-motivated pillock!

At last, a journalist who ‘gets it’

The standard attitude, for most centre-right wingers certainly in Great Britain, is to find out what the Guardian deplores; and then adopt or do the exact opposite. It has long been the Standard-bearer for the revolutionary Left, from Chavez in Venezuela, through the bloody decades of the Castro regime in Cuba, and of course for anyone associated with the Hard Left of British Politics. That newspaper is famed for its championing of liberal causes, and it has been said that all a political group has to do is state it opposes anyone, anything, or indeed everything, to the right of Tony Benn; and it gains the automatic support of the Guardian.


And then they go and spoil it all by publishing the words of Simon Jenkins, saying what many of us here on the right have been saying for at least a year: which is that Trump supporters aren’t interested in the sermons from the East Coast Democrat Mafia/Media; nor from the billionaires of Silicon Valley; they have found their hero, and his name is ‘Donald’.


As Jenkins writes:-

In New York recently I read in the New York Times each day pages of columns competing with each other not just in criticising but in jeering at their president, to the point where I could understand his paranoia. Articles in the New Yorker discussed his mental health, his impeachment or his dismissal for incapacity under the constitution’s 25th amendment. It was all preaching to the converted.

Meanwhile a deafening wall descended somewhere beyond the Hudson river, where there lay a frightened, puzzled, increasingly poor America, one that had put its faith in a man who seemed to speak its language and address its fears. No one was reaching out to them, calmly explaining that others than Trump felt their pain. Trump does not appeal to the Republican wealth nexus, as did Ronald Reagan. He appeals to those whom the left thought were its own, and whom it has long neglected. Hence perhaps the fury that lies behind the insults.


Donald Trump is, perhaps, an example of the first truly non-aligned President of the United States. He owes no favours to big donors, hells gates, he funded some 20%  of his own campaign, he has argued with, and taken stances opposite, to his own Party probably equal to the Democrats. He shoots from the hip, he probably doesn’t know how to polish his words, and he should perhaps limit his thumb time on Twitter, but his supporters get him, and Simon Jenkins ‘gets’ him too!

But its all the fashion; so be cool!

I was doing some essential shoe shopping for my wife in the MetroCentre mall, just next to the banks of the Tyne in Gateshead.


Now I was just ambling along, not taking much notice of anyone or anything, when I saw this vision of up-to-the-minute-fashionably-dressed female, along with a gaggle of friends.


I was later advised by a shoe shop attendant nearby that the ‘fashionista’ was wearing a low-cut cropped top, very low-cut ‘super-skinny’ jeans or leggings which left lots of bare midriff, offset of course by mid-riff pierced ‘jewelry’, high-heeled strappy sandals, heavy make-up, approximately ½” long false eyelashes plus lots of, I think it is called eye-liner, but, not being any sort of an expert, it may have been something else; set off by what seemed to my admittedly untrained eye as an expensive hair-do.


The reason for the pause in my perambulation?


This example of parental surrender was, I estimate, eight years old!



Too late the day

As one commentator wrote in 2014:-

Out of curiosity, I drove up to Regent and then down and along the new peninsular road, which is under rehabilitation. Leicester Peak is now rid of all forest cover and vegetation, and has been left naked for developers to continue their havocOn the peninsular road, my heart bled as I looked up at Mount SugarLoaf and the chain of mountains of the Western area Peninsular, overlooking Freetown and the Atlantic Ocean.

I came to the conclusion that the concerned ministers were attempting to lock the stable gates after the horses have already bolted. The mountains have been completely rid of every forest cover and vegetation, leaving them bare and uglyThis unfortunate and sad condition has been caused by human activity, including deliberate clearing for the expansion of human settlements. Everywhere, buildings are being erected further up towards the top of the mountain range.


The government through both the ministry of agriculture, forestry, food security and the environment; and the environmental protection agency (EPA), must now make a determined effort to take strong action. They must halt any further extension of human settlements up the mountain slopes. Also, they must seek funding and contract out the task of comprehensive tree planting on the mountain tops and the entire area. Unless and until there is a political will to do this – regardless, the battle to save the western area peninsular forests and mountains, would be futile and lost forever, with predictable dire consequences. 

When the trees are cut down, the roots no longer bind the soil together. When whole forests are logged out, providing space for ever-more developments close to the city, when the rains come, all the soil turns to silt, and washes ever more away. When Government does not listen to words of warning; when advisors are totally ignored and their common-sense advice is brushed aside: this is what you get in return!

Misdirection, or the tale of two Parks

I have both watched and enjoyed various shows which feature Penn and Teller, the magicians double act; and the one thing they are always straight up and down about is the fact that they are marketing ‘Illusions’. They are an extremely gifted pair of performers, made even more unusual with one of the pair never speaking. Whether he is in fact mute is immaterial, his facial expressions take the place of language, and the illusions work. Most of their tricks are very clever,, but the one I liked best is the sequence in ‘The West Wing’ where they burned the Flag; or did they?

At various times in the past, I also read Richard North’s EU Referendum blogs. Some people dislike his attitude of ‘I’m right, and everyone else is wrong’; when it comes to knowledge of Europe, but when the theme is of straight-forward journalism, there are few to beat him. I was reminded of a series he did about Qana, and the casualties after an Israeli raid. I think the page speaks volumes!

So when President Trump demurs from attacking only the ‘right-wing’ protestors, who were, in fact, the only ones with a valid permit to organise a demonstration, and instead condemns all violence, I reckon The Donald is on the right track. Breitbart gives an inkling of what actually occurred, but the slanted and edited filming, the active involvement of the police in sending the right-wingers down a path straight into Antifa. a readied-bunch of left-wingers, complete with baseball bats, I reckon it will take many days before all the truth will come out. One of the questions which must be answered is why did Obama’s Governor McCauliffe  order Unite the Right to leave the area as they were illegally there. No similar order was issued to Antifa. They had no choice but to leave, again running that gauntlet, with the police providing no separation. 

..and he died for……nothing (sob)

This bloke who writes in The Guardian (natch) is taking America to task for not changing. He is dead upset because, three years after Michael Brown’s death (unarmed; but shot down by a racist white cop) there hasn’t been the sea-change in American attitudes to black people, ‘racist’ white policemen not being charged with murder (as a minimum), and lots more besides. You should read the piece yourself; but I will just pick out the highlights.

Three years ago, Michael Brown was shot by officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. He was left in the street for hours to bleed. This not only allowed him to die in public without medical aid, but also traumatized his neighbours and sparked outrage across the world.

No, Steven, Brown was shot seven times in the head, and died almost instantaneously.  His blood pooled underneath him. The best medical aid in the world would not have helped him; he was probably dead before he hit the ground. The traumatizing was, at best, self-inflicted; the outrage was, simply, manufactured for political purposes. He lay for four hours where he died because the cops who had to process the corpse were busy elsewhere doing their jobs.

Disturbingly, things feel like they are getting worse. Donald Trump was pushed into office on a wave of what historian Carol Anderson has called “the politics of white resentment” (which post-election survey data also confirms) and a promise of “law and order”.

With the best will in the world, Trump’s election wasn’t achieved by ‘white resentment’, it was more likely to be a wave of resentment against the ‘established order’, where so-called senior politicians, used to getting their own way, were used to massaging the voters into seeing things their way, and their way alone.

In the battle of ideas, many of those protesters’ efforts worked. The Black Lives Matter movement exploded, paving the way for anti-racist thinking and demonstrations around the world, and laying the intellectual and activist groundwork for much of the anti-Trump resistance and the Women’s March.

The BLM movement’s ideas certainly exploded, what with the murder of five police officers in Dallas, the deaths of two cops and a sheriff’s deputy in Baton Rouge, as well as the two injured cops in Chicago, along with many more.

We, as an American society, owe a lot to Michael Brown. The protesters in Ferguson stood up to those behind his needless killing. The rest of us must now honor his short life more fully. We do that not only by keeping more young black people from being killed by police, but by challenging the kind of unequal, unjust society that leads to such lethal police violence in the first place.

Yep, America owes a great deal to chubby, loveable, good-hearted Michael Brown. We owe the deaths of many policemen, a series of riots, burnings, lootings and mindless vandalism disguised as protests, along with Ferguson’s black population exploding into riot, the Washington big-wigs swarm the city, the civil-rights talking heads gear up for the long haul, and a cop resigns despite being cleared of any crime.

As I ended my own view of the needless death of this huge bully; needless because all he had to do to stay alive was obey the legitimate warnings of a uniformed police officer: “Oh, and as a simple explanation, it is oft asked why I place quotation marks such as those adjacent to the word ‘family’? I do this because I disbelieve the statements entirely, believing them to be purely self-serving embellishments, generated by groups who detest the very idea of black people being in the wrong at all;  with absolutely no evidence of their being truthful at all!”