..and its okay; if you are ‘cool’

So, you and your colleagues, all New York City Policemen, are advised a 911 call has been received from a man’s mother who stated he was ‘nonviolent’ but ‘emotionally disturbed’. Four officers answered the call and knocked on the door. The mother opens the door, and as the officers walk forwards, the son charges forwards holding a large, serrated carving knife. The first officer fires his Taser, but the guy is just not slowed down, but keeps moving forwards. The next cop in line aims and fires, killing the man.

Now, whatever your philosophies regarding using and firing a weapon, the simple truth is that, if you do not react instinctively, either you or your partner is going to be either severely injured, or dead. If you react, and kill this guy who is moving towards you aggressively, ‘emotionally disturbed’ or not; as far as I can tell by my own research into these complex matters: you are just doing your job.

But, as the reported comments of an obviously very experienced, and totally unbiased neighbour go:- Regina Blain, 22, said she lives in a neighbouring building and heard gun shots. She told Patch the man had “emotional problems” but never seemed threatening.

“He would stomp his feet a little, weird stuff like that,” Blain said. “I was shocked that it happened because he’s a cool person.

“Police lives matter but our lives matter too,” Blain added. “It’s like absurd because this police crime going on, it’s not fair … They treat us here like we’re animals.”


Another unbiased statement from a fourteen year-old girl went:- “I couldn’t see the person, he was laying down,” Daly told Patch. “He was very cool, he wasn’t really a trouble maker.”

So, if you are either ‘cool’ or ‘very cool’; you should be given the benefit of the doubt when making aggressive movements, knife in hand; towards a group of FOUR policemen?