when the wind wouldn’t blow ….Where’s Carter?

At last, a large manufacturing organisation is allowed to speak up on the subject of the need for continuous access to base-load electricity which is not susceptible to either sunshine shining on solar cells; or wind turbines which need wind to turn the blades!

From a heavy user which is absolutely dependent upon a stable steady-frequency electricity supply, read the words of an expert, and then figure out why the greenies /climate change experts /renewable pushers don’t ever mention straight-forward solutions such as coal, or gas, or nuclear as the only base load supplies worth talking about. Hydro-electric is fine when you have lots of water, dams to trap and hold it with, and then turbo-alternators to supply the electrons down to the grid.

The single paragraph, which, for me, caps the whole debate, is :-

I’ve heard people say that the Government should let the markets take care of it: let the market work it out. But the problem is: the Government is already intervening in the market by providing the very substantial subsidies and incentives for these renewable energy projects. Absent these incentives, the renewable projects would not stand up.


H/t Jo Nova