Pertinent advice …..

… a Muslim travelling on a jet plane

“If in any doubt; keep your ***ing mouth shut!.’

‘Do not contemplate saying anything about ‘security’ or even mentioning the symbols 9/11, as this may cause alarm, chaos, a quick trip back to the Terminal; and being kicked off your flight: you smug, stupid, unthinking pillock!’

Portrait of a Patriot.

I had never read anything published by The Nation until this morning, but I will keep it on my reading list from now on, liberal and left-leaning though it may be. It has just published an article which might be THE most single important document, discussing THE most important letter, during the whole period from when Donald Trump first registered his intent to to run for the Presidency; to the empaneling of the Grand Jury which is supposed to investigate ‘Russiagate’.


I made specific reference to the publication of the Letter to the President within my post ‘Decisions, decisions’, and no one seems to have even digested that Letter. But now, prompted by Breitbart’s link, I went to The Nation, and there to read an explosive piece of journalism, from a writer named Patrick Lawrence, who writes and comments upon the whole saga of the alleged ‘hack’ of the DNC server; of the lies, assumptions, false briefings and downright skullduggery which has been brought to bear on the Trump Presidency, and the Trump Administration.


Mr. Lawrence states, quite categorically, that ALL the statements, all the assumptions, indeed all the allegations, stem from a statement that the data was ‘assessed’ by experts. That ‘assessment’ was never checked, and grew to ‘possibilities’ and so on; until President Trump was forced to sign a sanctions Bill which crippled his ability to negotiate with Russia.

Read Mr. Lawrence’s work, and then make your own minds up whether his words, and the work of many people who prefer to remain anonymous, are the proof that Russia never came near the DNC server, and all of the allegations; of corruption, indeed of treason, are baseless, groundless, and have been shown to be a pack of lies!