The other ‘Hunger Games’

There was some silly bloody woman preaching to the empty choir stalls on the BBC this a.m.. She was apparently upset that ‘school holidays’ time also means that the school buildings are closed and locked, the canteens are closed, all the staff are on holiday; and no-one gives a second thought to the hundreds of thousands of youngsters who absolutely depend on the free school meals, breakfasts, lunches, top-up snacks which keep them from near starvation as the parents’ benefits have all been culled, sliced and diverted, presumably to help buy Trident; and they cannot afford to feed their kids. The conclusion must be drawn is that the State is directly responsible for the terrible outbreak of ‘Holiday Hunger’.

S’funny, I haven’t noticed any of the kids I have seen as I walk along our streets collapse from hunger, or anything else. I visited the Metrocentre yesterday, place was thronged with thousands of kids and families. Not a single case of malnutrition amongst them. Then I realised, the ‘Hunger’ has kept all the ‘starving kids’ indoors, muting their anguished cries for help.

The one thing I did notice was this one female (presumably) religious agitator, complete with (presumably) large colour-matched barley sack placed firmly over her head, with a slot cut where her eyes are set. Without exception, those who passed her/him/it simply shook their heads in disbelief at the sight of some female cowed enough to wear this sack because her ‘husband’ or some other bloke tells her to do so!

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