Misdirection, or the tale of two Parks

I have both watched and enjoyed various shows which feature Penn and Teller, the magicians double act; and the one thing they are always straight up and down about is the fact that they are marketing ‘Illusions’. They are an extremely gifted pair of performers, made even more unusual with one of the pair never speaking. Whether he is in fact mute is immaterial, his facial expressions take the place of language, and the illusions work. Most of their tricks are very clever,, but the one I liked best is the sequence in ‘The West Wing’ where they burned the Flag; or did they?

At various times in the past, I also read Richard North’s EU Referendum blogs. Some people dislike his attitude of ‘I’m right, and everyone else is wrong’; when it comes to knowledge of Europe, but when the theme is of straight-forward journalism, there are few to beat him. I was reminded of a series he did about Qana, and the casualties after an Israeli raid. I think the page speaks volumes!

So when President Trump demurs from attacking only the ‘right-wing’ protestors, who were, in fact, the only ones with a valid permit to organise a demonstration, and instead condemns all violence, I reckon The Donald is on the right track. Breitbart gives an inkling of what actually occurred, but the slanted and edited filming, the active involvement of the police in sending the right-wingers down a path straight into Antifa. a readied-bunch of left-wingers, complete with baseball bats, I reckon it will take many days before all the truth will come out. One of the questions which must be answered is why did Obama’s Governor McCauliffe  order Unite the Right to leave the area as they were illegally there. No similar order was issued to Antifa. They had no choice but to leave, again running that gauntlet, with the police providing no separation.