Too late the day

As one commentator wrote in 2014:-

Out of curiosity, I drove up to Regent and then down and along the new peninsular road, which is under rehabilitation. Leicester Peak is now rid of all forest cover and vegetation, and has been left naked for developers to continue their havocOn the peninsular road, my heart bled as I looked up at Mount SugarLoaf and the chain of mountains of the Western area Peninsular, overlooking Freetown and the Atlantic Ocean.

I came to the conclusion that the concerned ministers were attempting to lock the stable gates after the horses have already bolted. The mountains have been completely rid of every forest cover and vegetation, leaving them bare and uglyThis unfortunate and sad condition has been caused by human activity, including deliberate clearing for the expansion of human settlements. Everywhere, buildings are being erected further up towards the top of the mountain range.


The government through both the ministry of agriculture, forestry, food security and the environment; and the environmental protection agency (EPA), must now make a determined effort to take strong action. They must halt any further extension of human settlements up the mountain slopes. Also, they must seek funding and contract out the task of comprehensive tree planting on the mountain tops and the entire area. Unless and until there is a political will to do this – regardless, the battle to save the western area peninsular forests and mountains, would be futile and lost forever, with predictable dire consequences. 

When the trees are cut down, the roots no longer bind the soil together. When whole forests are logged out, providing space for ever-more developments close to the city, when the rains come, all the soil turns to silt, and washes ever more away. When Government does not listen to words of warning; when advisors are totally ignored and their common-sense advice is brushed aside: this is what you get in return!