Well, its not all bad news these days.

We may well have some more funerals to watch, but the sad truth is that until all of Europe gets their collective heads together, and gets really tough on the Salafi mosques, along with the Wahabbi preachers and general Muslim fanatic bands; most of which are funded by Saudi cash; we shall not progress very far. Because of the lunacy and general stupidity in our collective political leaders, spread across Europe are the many thousands of ordinary Muslims; and of course in the British Isles because of the lunacy of the Commonwealth Immigration policies. Within that cohort are the soldiers of the Islamic Revolution, the bombers, the true authors of the ‘Hate’ crimes which have taken over one hundred lives and counting.

But what do we, not only as a Nation, but also as a Continent; do in reply? Why we light ***@*∑ß candles, and go to solemn masses in cathedrals, and send out stupid signals on Twitter saying ‘#wearenotafraid’. Well, friends, you bloody well should be afraid; because if a bunch of Arab fanatics can hire a car and drive down a pedestrianised plaza in Barcelona; they can do exactly the same, whether in Birmingham, Bruges, Baltimore or Berlin. The only thing these fanatics regret is that they don’t kill more of us when they slice down a dozen tourists; what they want is a truck laden down with gas cylinders, as seemingly planned for Barcelona; then they can really go to town on the Kuffar.

But the ‘less bad’ news I mentioned? It seems as though the ranks of the NHS Chaplains, those religious nut-cases who visit patients in hospitals , have been swelled by a bunch of people who don’t believe in a God, and they want to visit patients in hospitals who don’t believe in a God either. A case of ‘sauce for goose’… or summat like that.

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