At least eighty-odd people died in the Grenfell Inferno. A terrible tragedy which simultaneously brought out the best and the worst (according to publicised points of view) in our Country. The best? Thousands of pounds donated to help the survivors who have lost everything. The worst? The allegation that the new Leader of the Council is (shock, horror) the owner of a second home on the Isle of White Wight. (How the ownership of a second property by this wealthy, democratically-elected councillor is horrifying was never explained, but, take it from me; it was taken as ‘offending’ the entire ‘Commoonitty’!)

So, in the weeks before the famous (or should that rather be ‘infamous’) Notting Hill Carnival, a dreadful fire killed people, and it never, ever crossed the minds of the organisers of this strange, totally un-English occasion where thousands of people ‘enjoy’ themselves by prancing around in ‘colourful’ costumes, whilst drinking copious amounts of booze, daubing each other with handfuls of paint, and also whilst having their ears assaulted by very, very loud music: that it just might be wiser, and certainly more ‘respectful’ of the dead to cancel the whole jamboree.

Cancel? The idea is simply outrageous; was the considered opinion of the ‘Commooonity’, those opinion movers and shakers whose statements of support had meant so much to the survivors of Grenfell. ‘No, we must show solidarity with #Grenfell by parading, prancing, smoking lots of weed and getting as drunk as possible’. Solidarity; Man! That is what this ‘Commooonity’ is all about!’ I mean to say, we organised a whole ‘Minute’s Silence’ for those who died. Surely you understand that we couldn’t expand that ‘Minute’ to Two Whole Days?

So self-appointed marshals were running up to people as they walked towards the tower’s remains, and telling them not to take photos because it was ghoulish, and nasty, and uncivilised to take a photo of the place where so many had died: totally ignoring the lunacy which was taking place about a half-mile up the road! Thats what I like about the self-anointed censors amongst us, they just ‘know’ what is right, and of course what is not!



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