Are the Skies falling? Probably not….

President Trump condemns BOTH sides of rioting in demonstration….All Media and commentators climb in and attempt to paint him as Fascist / Hitler resurrected / whatever takes your fancy. He is pilloried for not ignoring the left-wing violence, which was nothing if not more vicious than that ladled out by the right-wing elements. He is further damned for not immediately agreeing that the man who hit and killed the woman protester deserves at least the death penalty.

He is further excoriated for making further statements which are even-handed; but has probably learnt by now that nothing but Immediate Resignation on the grounds of ‘He shouldn’t have won’ will satisfy the ever-baying mob.


Nancy Pelosi  issued a statement late Tuesday denouncing violent left-wing “Antifa” protesters, saying they deserve “unequivocal condemnation”, and even the Washington Post places an op-ed stating that ‘Antifa’ are the equivalent of their opponents in violence; stating,  ‘Totalitarian is precisely what they are’.


Are we seeing a rare vision of reality creeping into the MSM? It will never last!

Charity begins……

Interesting discussion in the pages of Time/Money regarding the ways and byways of some Charity organisations, with heavy emphasis on the American Red Cross, and their approach to disasters in the present, as well as the past.

One slightly tongue-in-cheek statement says that the donor is quite justified in tieing donations to specific activities, or earmarking your funds for specific causes (i.e. disaster relief) so you know they won’t go to the charity director’s half-million-dollar salary.

The piece also takes aim at the shambles which was the Red Cross response to Katrina, or in Haiti, where donations to the Red Cross totalled $500 million, but at least a third of this cash raised went toward administrative costs, “program costs incurred in managing” other charities in Haiti, and the other charities’ own administrative costs; and where the charity claimed it had built enough homes to provide shelter for 130,000 people—but it had actually only built six.

I accept that disasters occur, and charitable relief works are always welcome; but my big problem is that most of the ‘household name’ charities are, themselves, ‘big business’ with salaries, pension funds and ‘we have to pay the going rate for personnel’ attitude to justify the telephone number salaries.