It depends upon your viewpoint

I was reminded, by this story in the Mail about nude sunbathing in your own garden, of a time many years ago when I was living in South Africa. I was told, by a neighbour who was a member of the Traffic Police; that this elderly Afrikaans lady, living on the top floor of a posh, pricey block of flats in Cape Town, called the police and complained that she could distinctly see men bathing nude on the beach. As the beach in front of her apartment was occupied by the famous (or infamous, depending upon your viewpoint) Sir De Villiers Graaf nude swimming pool, the cops arrived and interviewed the lady after looking out at the pool area which was fully protected by a six-foot high concrete wall on three sides.


“I’m sorry, Madam but the bathers are hidden behind the wall; how are you disconcerted and worried?” asked the young policeman.


“Ah’, came the reply, “if you stand here on the table; and place one foot there on the windowsill……”


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