…….now Germany must pay the price

In her quieter moments, Angela Merkel must rue the second she made the statement which has ‘broken’ the idea of One Europe. She must have considered the consequences of making the ‘broken’ promise, she is an experienced and practiced politician not to have taken all possibilities into account: but then she spoke those words, and Germany will never be the same again.

The words’; that ‘broken’ statement, that foolish promise? Germany’s doors are open!

With that one decision, the floodgates were literally torn apart, and from Turkey onwards, this shows what happened in the modern version of The Long March; but the aim was to reach mainly Germany and Sweden; or finally, the country which for long enough has retained the title of #‘TheMigrant’sGravyTrain; namely Great Britain. But, the source of all the problems, Germany, where now over nine hundred thousand ‘refugees’, ‘migrants’; call them what you will; have come to rest are now making noises; but those noises are not, as one might expect, words of thanks, or gratitude, or even of understanding that not everyone in Germany is as welcoming as Merkel. No, these noises are expectations that these 900,000-odd are demanding that the FAMILIES join them, and pretty quick too, otherwise those 900,000 mainly YOUNG MEN will demonstrate that they are a force in modern Germany, and they outnumber the German Army.

But when Europe harbours Nations such as Poland, Hungary, Czechs and indeed Austria who are determinedly anti-Muslim, and anti-Migrant, from both long memories and political will: will she allow the families to pour in, in the knowledge that, unless they fly in, they WILL be blocked at the borders which have grown from hasty-thrown barbed wire to fully-protected Border installations, with a bunch of guards who seemingly are partial to doing their jobs enthusiastically?