…and the purpose of education is….?

I have often considered the very Left-Wing bias of the vast majority of teachers, certainly in England and Wales, as being unfortunate but benign. They are taught to believe that anything remotely Left as coming straight from the Fountain; and everything apart from the Lefty gospel as ‘verboten’, unclean and disgusting, and attempt to pass on their beliefs straight into the unquestioning minds of their young charges. I always assumed that, like my own three kids, the kids of today were imbued with a healthy scepticism from the word ‘go’, especially when it came to things outwith the strict curriculum; as they have access to literally a whole world of facts, essays and argument care of, natch; the Internet.

When my own kids were still at school, after a chance conversation with one of my brood, I wandered down to the school, and had a quiet discussion with both the headmaster, and the lecturer in question on the subject of the supposition that school was supposed to be about unbiased thought, the law, and of course a warning that my kids weren’t to be indoctrinated by a communist sympathiser. If memory serves, the words ‘block’, ‘knock’ and ‘your’ were in use during that discussion. No threats, no promise of physicality were mentioned except in purely hypothetical terms. If memory also serves, the subject matter was never discussed during school hours, certainly with my son, ever again.

So imagine my perplexity when I learn that a new Channel 4 documentary shows British teachers telling pupils there are “a lot of similarities between Hitler and Trump”, and suggesting the most important people to look after following the Manchester Arena terror bombing are Muslim pupils.

One scene shows a woman who appears to be a teacher asking her class: “Hands up if you were born elsewhere?”

She goes on to say, “Just because some of us is (sic) an immigrant, I don’t get why people put a negative slant on it.”

I have not watched the documentary yet, but after remembering that the Sec. State for Education has placed a control freak in charge of Ofsted, is also a person engaged in the furtherance of a  left-wing agenda for the LesbianBentWeirdies, and is in a same-sex relationship, what else can one expect?

Failure: he doesn’t even know how to spell the word

I don’t know how good your individual memory banks are, but do readers remember this idea where the ‘explorer and adventurer’ Pen Hadow got all excited about sailing to the North Pole.

He stated “ “I’m very conflicted,” he said. “If we do reach the North Pole by sail, I think the image would be iconic for the rest of the century and a call to action,” he said. “If 50ft yachts can do this, imagine what commercial shipping can do.”

For his new record attempt, Hadow and his nine-strong team will take two yachts on a 3,500-mile round trip from Nome in Alaska to the pole, using satellites to find a route through the ice and avoid getting stuck. He will fly to Alaska to join his team members on Saturday.

If all goes to plan, he will arrive at the pole between August 15 and early September, about 510 miles further north than anyone has sailed before.

Naturally, the expedition will have a strong scientific flavour, taking samples, making observations, and all the rest of the concentrated bullshit which now takes the place of the old-time explorers statement, which at least had a ring of truth about it: ‘Because It’s There’.

So everyone was rather discomobulated to read that the expedition had turned back to to a high concentration of an unexpected substance which impeded the forwards navigation of their ice-hardened yachts……SEA ICE.

‘No, we didn’t fail, no ways’, stated the expedition leaders; ‘ we Adjusted our Parameters of Success.’