“..the mere primitive doctrine that might is right!”

We honour our most important anniversaries quietly, as is correct and proper. Today, September 3rd, is the 77th time those of us who were both alive and able to comprehend, on that fateful day shall remember those steady, if at times somewhat halting tones, as His Majesty King George the Sixth began the speech which informed the Nation that we, the British, had informed the German Reich that they would not be allowed to run riot as they wished, and the British government, on our behalf, had declared War against the Nazis in Berlin.

We did not have many insights about the Nation which we had decided to go to war against, but the nature of the beast, as shown by the ten thousand child refugees who came care of the Kindertransport, was surely evident. The far-sighted parents who removed themselves and their families from both Austria and Germany before the heaviest clamp-down on Jewish ancestry, literally beggaring themselves in the process were just one of the signs that the outside world was dealing with a hidden evil, but slowly showing the signs of what was to come. The parents of the small travellers on the Kindertransport trains could not rescue themselves, but they ensured, on the word of a British Foreign Office official, that their children would survive.

We did not know the true horror of that which we fought against until nearly the end, when the gates of Belsen, Dachau and Auschwitz were breached, and the ghosts of the dead millions were suddenly freed. We did no wrong, we fought the fight which had to be fought; on their terms, of total war, and it was an honourable fight, against a monstrous Regime which attempted Genocide.

We live in different times, where the enemy is, for some, home-grown. Carrying a home-assembled bomb, detonated against defenceless children leaving a pop concert, or driving a van or a car against equally defenceless pedestrians; all in the name of an alien Prophet, a prophet whose religion demands obeisance by unbelievers; obeisance, acceptance or death. As their own Book states, and as many of its believers relate: ‘It is written’.

But the simple truth, which is that our own politicians, our own neutered police, our own so-called Elite, who pull the strings of Government from behind the curtains, deny that we are at war with this Radical Islamic Muslim Terror. The attacks are the actions of ‘lone wolves’; or he has ‘mental issues’ (a firm favourite with the fuzz and with Governments). That itself is plainly obvious when, in the very minutes after a serious terror attack on Westminster Bridge, the first words out of a very senior police official’s mouth were reassurances towards whom? Why, the very Muslims whose brother had been killed when the police finally opened fire INSIDE the precincts of the House of Commons! Time and time again, across the Capital cities of Europe, no words of condemnation for the hidden Army whose outriders have committed yet another atrocity.

True, not all Muslims are Terrorists. But, now that the IRA has been appeased; virtually all recent terrorist attacks were Muslim in origin, in belief that the Kuffar are unclean, and all those unclean must die. When will our pusillanimous politicians grasp the nettle, and sweep up into the nets of either a long-term internment or a deserved deportation those who plot to change, to kill and maim, to unnerve; or to convert?

As the song goes, ‘Until the Twelfth of Never’ is about the right date!