Voices silenced; and Mountains reverted!

Twitter informed us all that in order to keep using the service, I had to agree to new terms of service, including their right to determine what that speech was and to expunge my account if there was any hint of “hate speech”, meaning of course anything said against the Muslim reconstitution of our society. Ditto Google and Apple.” Statement by a Twitter user.

One of our more outspoken blogging colleagues, a man by the name of Paul Kersey, wrote on matters racial in America, under the blog title ‘Stuff Black People don’t Like’. He wrote from a right-wing perspective, he was bitter, angry about what his Country had been forced to accept under (his term) ‘Black Ruled America’. But he wrote on matters in the public domain, items published in both local and national newspapers; he did not make things up: he only commented upon those things which, to him, amounted to a lessening of America’s freedoms, especially towards white people.

HIs blog disappeared, overnight. He didn’t even get time to sign off, his website was closed down, his blog posts have disappeared from the very search pages of all the big browsers, and the only way you can read former posts is by going on to archived web searches. Of course, the removal was made even easier by the fact that his blog was on Blogger, and Big Google doesn’t like any speech which doesn’t accord with its interpretation of what is, and more importantly, what is not; acceptable to Google.

His work can now be read again, on a different platform

I believe that Mr. Kersey should not have been silenced, even temporarily, because of his viewpoint!

p.s. The Mountain? Surely you don’t need reminding that Mt. Denial (sorry) Denali was formerly Mckinley?