The Un-Noticed, and Un-Questioned Immigration

As the interminable #FreedomofMovement arguments drone ever onwards, position papers on the same subject litter the floors of the Brexit offices, and ever-louder statements gush forwards on ‘will we: won’t we: can we: should we’ adopt this or that strategy regarding the people who want to come to the United Kingdom after Brexit; and how they should be treated: either our way or Brussels’ way (ECJ involvement to the tenth generation); not many are looking at the other side of the coin.

The coin’s side which is hardly mentioned is immigration from the ‘Commonwealth’ (Not much in Common, very little Wealth), whose figurehead is the saintly ‘Baroness Scotland’ (No, I did not spend my cash on fripperies, I spent Taxpayers’ cash on fripperies!).

In the year ending March 2017; 266,000 migrants, overwhelmingly from the Commonwealth arrived on our shores. These could be divided into straight forward migrants, but a fair proportion could also be labelled ‘family members’; cousins, second cousins, family friends who have given the visa office bloke the requisite bribe to get around the niceties; etc. Having been to many of these countries, and witnessed a tiny fraction of the shambles which is their Governance, as well as ‘Governments’, I can hardly blame them for wishing to depart their individual cess-pits for the life of an immigrant in the United Kingdom.

I have no problem at all with Hindu India, similarly with the Sikhs, whom I would also welcome. The Canadians, Australians and the old members of the Commonwealth should also come without question, because they are as us (excepting bloody Trudeau, because he is a Pillock). As I have posted previously, I do fervently object to any incomer from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, any of the ‘Stans’, and all of those who inhabit the Muslim Crescent countries; for only one reason. Their skin colour is immaterial to me; what I do object strongly to is their Religion. They enter, they do not assimilate, they ghetto-ise themselves, they live according to the rites and abominable culture and Religion which threatens us all.

When the Government finally issues the ruling documentation which governs those who can enter our borders after we leave the European Union; a straight break should also be made with any individual, group or Nation; Commonwealth or not;  which professes Islam as its ruling culture, which states that Muslim beliefs come before any, and the Caliphate is just in the immediate future!