‘Effing idiotic female …..

…Dies of a massive drug overdose.

Her mother, fighting back tears, said her daughter would not have willingly taken the pills because she was unable to swallow tablets. Mrs Brock revealed how her daughter had openly talked about experimenting with cocaine in the past but did not think she would’ve taken so much ecstasy in one go.

Giving evidence, she said: “She tried cocaine with people she knew and people around her she knew. “She said to her sister afterwards that she didn’t like it so she didn’t have to worry. She was very clear about what she let into her body and what she didn’t.  

And  She also told an inquest how she believed her daughter may have been forced to swallow the bag of drugs. ***************

As well as

Coroner states:-

“In July when she attended with her sister, Anika, she did try cocaine – this was not unusual for young people going to Ibiza.

I honestly do not know which of the three is / was the stupidest (I believe that is truly an English word) examples of a moronic attitude towards drugs of any kind!

  • The mother, for not lighting up like a roman candle the first time she heard her ‘effing idiot of a daughter had taken cocaine.

  • The Coroner, for making totally silly and outlandish comments on the death of a moron acting like a human being; or

  • The bloody stupid, silly, totally uneducated tramp who thought she was ‘in control’, and who also thought she could ‘get away’ with carrying a lethal package of ecstasy back to Britain: the silly, stupid, dead cow!

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