So you’re planning your honeymoon?

Great, so you are thinking of Cuba? Fair enough, so are thousands of others, tourists, holiday makers, no worries. You ignore the fact that the brutal Castro Communist Regime rules the island with a velvet glove concealing the Iron Fist within; because the urge to lie in the sun on a cheapo holiday overwrites all possible scruples against the forty years of a terror-wielding bunch of Communist thugs?

So you make all the arrangements, the white dress (Like a Virgin, eh?); the wedding service in a church which you have probably never visited since being baptised, the super-duper spread in the hotel or fancy stately-home of your choice,,,,and all the rest! You did check out the Weather where you plan your dream honeymoon? Of course you did, you aren’t daft! You just missed the warnings that, at this time of the year, there just might be what is known around the Caribbean as ‘The Big Wind’? Of course you missed those warnings, printed categorically in every advisory from every Island in the whole Caribbean and America.

So you fly in just as what will become Hurricane Irma heats up into a small circle of death out in the Atlantic. Charlotte and Ricky Goffe were in Varadero when Irma skated past, where Cuba only felt the lash of 120 m.p.h. Hurricane-force winds, and the tons of rain deposited; as Irma passed by on her route towards Florida.  The couple, who had married in Britain a week earlier, slept on the bathroom floor when the storm hit their hotel and  son Jason was in the bath lined with pillows and blankets.

Mrs Goffe, who is from Solihull, posted photographs of their battered resort in Varadero and said Thomas Cook should be ‘ashamed’.

In a message on their Facebook page she added: ‘Thomas Cook your “crisis” staff have been terrible. One rep at our initial hotel popped in for 5 minutes to tell us “it would all be ok” and to have a nice day then left as it was his day off’.

Describing the ‘worst 24 hours of her life’ when Irma hit Cuba she said: ‘We spent the evening sleeping on the floor in the bathroom of a room where we had already seen 2 cockroaches as the hurricane lashed down. The situation has been handled so poorly by Thomas Cook’.

2 Cockroaches eh! The End of the World is, indeed, Nigh!