Unlike Joseph, Jacob’s coat has only one colour: Tory Blue!

Consider the following:-

  • Theresa May, at the urging of her ‘inner’ circle, chose to call for an Election when there was no need for such a nationwide turmoil.
  • The Election was supposedly to centre around Mrs. May, as the leader who was trusted to deliver a Brexit.
  • The Tory Manifesto, upon which the Election would be fought, proved to be a mish-mash and a complete disaster, as it was compiled virtually in-house, no consultations on specific policies was even requested, and, as a result of the suddenly not-so-strong Leader; politics, from a Tory point of view, went downhill rapidly.

So, the Election was fought, and both won, and lost. The Tories remained the Party most numerically strong, but had to ask for the D.U.P.’s help to form a Government. Politics dragged along, until the summer recess, when political commentators had nothing else to do but ‘appoint’ various so-called heavy hitters into a position whereby they would attempt to unseat a weakened Prime Minister. Various names were conjured out of the thin air, including Boris, Liam, Hammond, along with all the other runners and riders; but absolutely no-one took the bait, pushed himself or herself forwards, because the appetite simply was not there for either a new contest, which would tear the Party apart: and the certainty that there would be a call for another General Election, and the Tories were uncertain if their message, as amended, would prove popular; letting Corbyn’s rag-tag Lefties, Marxists and crypto-Communists in through the back door, fuelled by a young electorate who had not lived through either the threat of a hard-line Soviet Communist Empire, complete with a nuclear arsenal: or the chaos and turmoil of a hard-line-Union dominated Government.

So those same commentators swept their gaze around, and fixed upon the studious, old-fashioned Tory gentleman named Jacob Rees-Mogg. Along with their sudden interest in Jacob, came a campaign slogan with the title ‘Moggmentum’. Suddenly they had a Tory to push, make lots of headlines with: and all, unfortunately, for nothing. With his upright personality, his repeated statements that he had no further ambition than to represent his Constituency, and look after his burgeoning family; he just wasn’t playing ball.

So he was invited on to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, and was promptly ambushed with repeated questioning over his deeply-held religious beliefs. Why the ambush?His name had ‘come up’ as a Tory Candidate’ and ‘the public has a right to know’. His answers, which were that ‘these were personal matters which were voted on a ‘free vote’ in Parliament’, although perfectly correct and truthful, were the trigger for more ambush questions.

Jacob then appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics, where the acid-lipped Jo Coburn accused Rees-Mogg of not being ‘impartial and balanced’. Rees-Mogg, standing in front of a Number 10 image which he then proceeded to puncture by stating that he was in another studio a few yards from Coburn; replied that, unlike many at the BBC, he was both impartial and balanced. As Coburn attempted to skewer Jacob by asking which Ministerial job he would like, Rees-Mogg replied once more that he had no further ambition than to represent his Constituency.

I like Jacob because he oozes integrity, he doesn’t waltz around the barnyard with the political winds. He opposes all abortion, as I do; he is strongly opposed to the very idea of homosexual marriage; as I am, and he gives me the impression that he doesn’t even notice the expressions of ‘abhorrence’ and ‘disgrace’ regarding his long-established ideals and principles. He probably will never see a Ministerial red box, and that is a sad thing to state; but it is a reflection of a principled man, a man who will not tack to the prevailing winds because he sees opportunity; as so many of his Parliamentary colleagues, from all Parties have done, because they seek preferment!