FAB: but not exactly Fabulous.

We here within the borders of the British Isles have, mostly, always considered one area to be above all sacred, to be preserved for posterity; for the purpose of Remembrance, and for relatives, friends and seekers after knowledge of their forbears. I speak of Cemeteries, of the anguish of losing a loved one, of the sheer relief of being able to visit the place that holds their loved one’s remains. I have written of the anger when a ‘yob’ desecrates a National Memorial.

I have also written commemorating the loss felt when my own sister died so tragically young, so long ago. There is a small North-Eastern town in England which I used to call home, despite working far away so long ago. In that town there sits a small Catholic church, with cemetery adjacent. Within the confines of that Cemeterylie the mortal remains of my beloved sister, who died at the age of sixteen from leukaemia. Her death shattered my Dad, who never completely recovered from her loss, and my Mum wasn’t much better in her grief. There is just a green sward where she lies; no stone, no winged angel, no border resplendent with flowers; because her face is before me as I write these lines. We three remaining brothers need no chiselled granite to remind us of our sister, and so it is.

So it is perhaps fitting that I write of the planned and proposed desecration of a grubby, slightly overgrown patch of land in Alderney, in our Channel Islands. Seems as though a consortium has received approval to shuttle electricity from France to the United Kingdom via the tiny island of Alderney, and that route goes straight through the place where many, but certainly not all victims of island-based Nazi ferocity were laid to their rest after brutal treatment at the hands of their Nazi overlords. Are we to stand silently by while ‘Progress’ towards a project which boasts of Energy Security, of Environmental protections, and of Economic Benefits: rides roughshod over the place where unknown and unnamed victims of the Nazis lie, in place which is soon to be trenched, excavated and built upon? The story is present in the pages of the Sunday Times, but, being paywalled, offers no link.


Do as I shall do, which is write to your MP, write to your local newspapers, and lets see if we can stop the Behemoth which is Europe before those graves are disturbed forever.