Lord Dubs has got an awful lot to answer for.

It has been suggested that the ‘Authorities’ had been warned of the actions of the teenage Parson’s Green bomber weeks ago; including the “Prevent” bunch which is supposed to check radicalisation of young muslims.

Here we see a picture of the ‘Authority’s answer to the queries:-


A classic case of bolting door AFTER the ‘effing Horse has not only bolted, but delivered the ‘effing bomb. It was through sheer luck, and the inexperience and incompetence of this Muslim Maniac, that we are not watching multiple funerals in the days and weeks to come; along with dozens maimed in hospital.  The Manchester jihadi followed a (for him) better pattern, and he delivered his mass murder with precision and glee.

‘Prevent’ has cost this Nation tens of millions; and what do we see for our cash? A murderous thug allowed to walk and cycle freely, even after he was picked up and questioned! He was probably allowed to walk because he was a ‘Child Refugee’ Muslim, and therefore incapable of the mass murder he was so inevitably drawn to.

Could it: Would it possibly be that the ‘Bucket and Lidl Bag Bomber’ is one of those ‘ever-so-special Child Migrants’ who were bussed in behind draped scaffolding some fifteen foot high? The drapes were there because of the outrage caused by the MEN who were pictured walking, grinning, towards the gates in Dover!

Campaigners wanted  3,000 Syrian and other ‘Children’ in Europe to be found homes in the UK, with Lord Dubs sitting cheering from the House of Lords. It was all about the ‘Child Migrants’.

Lord Dubs has got an awful lot to answer for.

One thought on “Lord Dubs has got an awful lot to answer for.

  1. Well said there. Lord Dubs does indeed have a lot to answer for. However he may not be totally to blame for the Dubs Amendment debacle and the entry of at least two and probably many hundreds more of these ‘Junior Jihadis’. There are some powerful and well connected charities including the left wing pro-migrant pro-Islam Citizens UK organisation. It is this organisatin that has claimed that it coined or at least popularised the slogan ‘refugees welcome’ and which gave Dubs an enormous amount of political and community muscule backing, backing that often came from mosques, left wing vicars and rabbis, if not from the ordinary citizen.

    My own view is that Dubs is a fool and has to a certain extent been used by Citizens UK who wished to promote their open borders agenda. Citizens UK grotesquely exploited Lord Dubs’ history as a Kindertransport child and distorted history and morality by comparing the ‘Calais children’ to the genuine refugees of the Kindertransport.

    I would not have been surprised to find out that the Bearded ‘child’ savage who is alleged to have carried out the Parsons Green attack had passed through the hands of either Citizens UK or its open borders front group Safe Passage UK. However it seems the Jones’ were part of Elmbridge CAN/ City of Sanctuary Movement two groups of naive do-gooders who see nothing wrong in nurturing those who wish us dead.

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