‘Standing Room’ only!

There are messages, and statements aplenty, on the efficacy, content and outcome of the ‘kneeling’ protest against America’s Flag, Anthem and indeed ethos of the America which I have come to understand and respect for more years than I can either count or indeed remember. I have written of the ‘Sounds’; I have written of the ‘Warriors’, men who fought their B-17 bombersacross the death-laden skies of Occupied France, and the other Nazi-held nations of Europe, and into the enemy bastion of Nazi Germany; to deliver yet another message to Berlin: a message with just two words. Those words? Unconditional SurrenderI give a link to a blogsite which holds one man’s reply to the swaggering bloated millionaires as they kneel in a disrespect which goes against everything that I believed America stands for. True, they are perfectly entitled to protest against anything and anyone, they are perfectly at liberty to do just that; but to state that ‘Your Country is not Worthy’! This action is beyond parody, and is itself unworthy.

I would finish this short (for me) statement by posting a YouTube  video from a group who holds views which many acclaim, many abhor, but deserve to be heard: because this is where they stand on ‘Kneeling’!

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