Why do they send these messages out?

We live in a world of remote shopping, in a world where, if one wished, the only outside human interface possible would be the face of the courier, mailman or delivery driver delivering the items chosen from a staggeringly-huge shopping list undreamt of even thirty years ago. With the aid of three touches, two swipes and a double-tap on a trackpad, I can search for, buy and arrange delivery of anything I wish for; as long as I have the wherewithal to pay for that purchase.

All that is fair and good. The suppliers, makers, processors make an offer to sell, you as the buyer make your choice, sign that contract by a mouse-click; and you are done. But are you? How many e-mails have YOU received, cluttering up an already crowded in-box, asking, begging, sometimes even telling you that some sign, some statement is needed to affirm your intense joy at receiving an item purchased through their websites?

Are you happy with your ‘spiked widget dipped in concentrated sulphuric acid’? Did the aforementioned S.W.d.C.S.A. come up to your expectations? Did your S.W.d.C.S.A. arrive on time? Will you tell all your friends on Facebook that you have bought a S.W.d.C.S.A.? Whilst we are talking, would you like to tell us of how you are proposing to use your S.W.d.C.S.A.? Have we mentioned that it should be kept away from the reach of small children? And on, and on, ever towards infinitum.

Can’t these marketing people realise that If I buy something, and it works, or looks good, or brings a look of happiness to the recipient; that is all that is desired? If it doesn’t work, or breaks down after a short interval; I demand a replacement, or my cash back. Don’t they simply realise that Silence is Golden?

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