Toilet and Change Facilities—-This Way

I have always considered the fact that I have four grandsons to be one of the many benefits of growing older. I watch as they advance in growth, in mental capacity, in being thoroughly naughty whilst being, at the very same time, utterly entrancing. My youngest has just past his second birthday, and I have a video of the semi-sacred ‘opening of the prezzies’ ritual. If I posted it online, which I would never do; because it is so precious and personal, the sound heard most often during that recording is my laughter. Small human beings, with whom we are entrusted to nurture, to help, and to, above all, protect, are as blank canvases, upon which life; in all its many uncertainties, will write all its many messages.

I specifically mentioned grandsons, because I believe that all our young daughters, and grand-daughters, are now being placed in peril at the whim of a lesbian Cabinet Minister, aided and abetted by a weak female Prime Minister. That same Cabinet Minister, who never told her constituency electorate that she was anything else bar a woman; whose policies regarding ‘gender’ and the ability of a man or a boy to announce that he was ‘changing his gender’ to be that of a woman or a girl’ without any legal or medical history or proof; go against every medical and psychological tenet known so far. Her policies are mirrored in the published advice given for GirlGuiding, the charity which runs all Girl Guiding activities in Britain, which has now altered its advice to include the statement:-

Sharing accommodation – young ‘trans’ members should be able to share accommodation with other young members if they wish. Some people may not feel comfortable sharing accommodation so in this case an alternative option should be provided. This should be done discreetly, in conversation with the young person and, if appropriate, their parent or carer. 

Using facilities – the use of gendered facilities, such as toilets, can cause anxiety. Members are entitled to use the facilities of the gender that they self-identify as.

Privacy when changing – a young person may wish to have more privacy when changing at a residential event and for activities too. Alternative, more private areas should be made available to all young members – including trans members – should they wish or request it.

Readers should note that Girl Guide leaders are specifically enjoined from revealing the presence of ‘Transgendered Girls’ within what was before known specifically as a Girls-only Safe Place; so we, as an overwhelmingly-heterosexual nation have; repeat HAVE: to adopt the attitude that it is perfectly safe for a twelve- or thirteen-year-old boy, well on the way towards manhood; complete with penis, testicles and raging hormones to use changing, toilet and bedroom facilities with girls who HAVE NOT BEEN WARNED ABOUT HIS/HER/ITS PRESENCE.

And the smiles on the face of the tiger

Full-time butchers  (translates as :- highly-trained medical professionals,) freed to continue slaughter of fully-formed but unborn babies in Texas, after Texas Judge Yeakel temporarily blocked the Texas law at the end of August after the Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit that challenged the new statute.

nancywiththe laughingsmile“A second trimester D&E abortion is a blind procedure. The baby can be in any orientation or position inside the uterus. Picture yourself reaching in with the Sopher clamp and grasping anything you can. At twenty weeks gestation, the uterus is thin and soft so be careful not to perforate or puncture the walls. Once you have grasped something inside, squeeze on the clamp to set the jaws and pull hard – really hard. You feel something let go and out pops a fully formed leg about 4 to 5 inches long. Reach in again and grasp whatever you can. Set the jaw and pull really hard once again and out pops an arm about the same length. Reach in again and again with that clamp and tear out the spine, intestines, heart and lungs.”

Rejoice: she stated

BREAKING: Texas court strikes down a ban on the safest and most common second trimester abortion method! That’s something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Eve. #TXDeservesBetter says Nancy Northrup, of the Center for Reproductive Rights.


Media allies of the abortion industry often draw attention away from the gruesome nature of dismemberment abortion by emphasising how “common” it is. The Texas Tribune headline reads, “Judge strikes down Texas ban on common abortion procedure.”

As a regular commenter on another site to which I contribute stated, “They are, after all; Unwanted babies”, so in Texas, as elsewhere in this oh-so-caring-and-liberal world the legal slaughter continues unabated; and the garbage piles grow ever larger: excepting where those same parts are sold, perfectly legally, for medical research.

He also asked if the State should look after all these babies if they were allowed to go full term. I would reply, ‘If there was a need, a way would be found’: but, his attitude towards  premature human life is consistent with his support for other forms of murder, such as the terrorist acts which spouted, fully formed, from the murder machine which was, and still is; IRA/SinnFein.

‘Drive your tank down Lincoln’s roads? Have you gone mad?’

At Cambrai, on November 20th, 1917, the history of warfare was changed forever. Tanks had been tried before in battle, but they foundered amidst the mud and blasted ground, of the Somme and Passchendaele. They succeeded in breaking through in certain attacks; but always in small numbers. Over three hundred tanks, the very first armoured tracked vehicles capable of traversing rough ground were used in a successful penetration of the Hindenburg Line when the ‘Landships’ rolled, slowly but steadily, across the trenches and the colossal rows of barbed wire. British forces amazingly won five miles of territory, and were within reach of Cambrai itself, breaking the railhead: but a coincidental reinforcement of German divisions taking place at the same time as the battle; complete lack of British planning, badly placed reinforcements, and a complete lack of British-arranged defensive positions led to the eventual reverse to the original battle boundaries. History was made, and, with better planning, far better preparations; further tank battle attacks were successful, and proved the true ‘beginning of the end’ for the German Empire.

Guy Martin, the motorbike champion and tv record-breaker, was determined to make another sort of history, and recreate a WW1 tank to take part in the Centenary Remembrance of Cambrai, in the City where the tank was born, and where many were actually manufactured. He was determined to build a ‘Deborah 2’ tank, and, gaining financial help from JCB, the construction machinery giant as well as Channel Four, decided to proceed. The manufacturing drawings to help create a twenty ton mobile colossus, were, amazingly and perhaps strikingly, obtained through the work of a German modeller, who had produced computer-designed plans for the complete British tank. These drawings were given to JCB, who transferred them through updated software to finalised machine drawings, and the whole main body of the tank was produced in a matter of weeks. Further help was gained from a Lincolnshire machinery company, and the Tank Museum. The engineering excellence, displayed during the documentary, showed the true genius and inventiveness of the originators of the ‘LandShips’, as Churchill had christened them.

He had gained approval from Lincoln’s City council for his tank to drive down the main streets as part of the Remembrance Day ceremony; but, as ever, some small-minded ******* decided to overrule the Council’s decision on, what else, ‘Health and Safety reasons’, and Guy’s tank, then nearly completed; was banned from the November 20th parade.

I watched that documentary, and saw that armoured monster as it moved out along the very track that; exactly one hundred years ago; the first tanks took as they swayed, machine guns spitting death, moving forwards and crossing the death traps of forested barbed wire and trenches as though they did not exist. The tank crew, which included Guy and a Royal Tank Corps officer, stood silently, silhouetted against the cloudless sky, as the Last Post was sounded, with maybe twenty local onlookers as an audience. Somehow, despite the emptiness of that, now long-forgotten battlefield, that ‘Salute to the Fallen’ made more of an impact than maybe the aborted trip to the tank’s birthplace could ever have; partly because, at Cambrai, those heroes, along with the machinery which changed Warfare’s history were REMEMBERED!

The troubling signs of Left-wing Censorship

I watched and listened with concern to my mate David’s video broadcast, and, more and more, am convinced that not only he is right, but the vision of an autocratic ideal that only one view should be sustained is getting ever clearer.

Fact. Google, a private company, one of the world’s largest and most influential within the wider digital world; owns YouTube. They can, and have done in the past, regulate the views of the millions of video postings with, maybe, too light a hand. But, the imposition of almost censorship by stealth is easily available because of the failure of too little regulation in the past. Because of the calls for removal of videos depicting and glorifying jihadi violence, or sexual abuse of children; the Google controllers have flip-flopped into a situation whereby they now consider that they have the right, and indeed the authority, to block, censor and remove search results and postings which are antithetical to THEIR viewpoints. The Google ‘groupthink’ was best illustrated when a Google staffer posted a mild rebuke to the total Left-wards ‘diversity’ ideal extant within this uber-Liberal Company: he was fired within hours.

I am not a Tweeter, I don’t know how the various bits meld together, but if David, an avid Tweeter, states that Twitter is proposing to send ‘bots’ which will search out your blogging and search history to check if your views are opposite to the central stream, and this search would then determine if you remain on Twitter or if your presence in the listings is modified; I believe him when he states that this is yet another threat to the very concept of free speech. I wonder what would have happened if Prez. Trump had not won the election? Would he still have a Twitter account? Somehow, I doubt it.

I believe that this attempt to stifle ANY debate, ANY viewpoint which opposes the views of the Left, ANY sharing of ideas which are, because they are in opposition to the bog-standard Left-wing viewpoint (with heavy emphasis on the bog); is the beginning of the Left’s attempts to stifle all debate from their opponents: and should be fought against by all freedom-minded people. All; Left- as well as Right-Wing; on the simple reasoning that speaks with one voice, asking: “who the hell are you to decide what I should write, or read, or watch, or discuss?”.

Part of the problem stems from the labelling of any opinion which dissents from the ‘ruling liberal or left-wing viewpoint as ‘Far-Right’. This label sticks like shit on a blanket, no matter how ridiculous the classification may be. When an individual or a group is labelled ‘Far-right’, immediately they are classified as classmates of Mussolini or Hitler, and from that second on they have to fight to overcome that classification as well as attempting to state their own viewpoints. If a group of Polish patriots decide to gather and protest against the dead hand of the EU pressing ever harder on their own Government and Democratic institutions and decrees, they are grouped and catalogued by the MSM as ‘Far right’, when in fact these people know and remember only too well the actual happenings of the real Fascists, the real ‘Far-right’, who came alongside the panzer regiments, the goose-stepping divisions; and the oh-so-friendly Einsatzgruppen squads. It is that cataloguing which the Left routinely slams onto all its opposition, whether even remotely justified or not, which seems to be the source of this latest attempt to muzzle debate, opinion or idea;, and it is that cataloguing which must be argued and resisted all the way along the line.

One of Northern Ireland’s well-known and respected commentators, David used to appear on the BBC Northern Irish broadcasts, irregularly it is true, but he was given some time; usually outnumbered two-, three-, or four-to-one, but he was given airtime; but that ceased; he was, in fact, censored for not toeing the Beeb party line: so he went to RT, who happily gave him air-time to debate with his opponents; which is all that he desired: to argue, up front, with opponents of his ideals and his beliefs: a strange dichotomy where a proponent of all things democratic is given air-time by a broadcaster who has strong links to the Kremlin; as opposed to the British State Broadcaster which has muzzled my friend David because of his views and beliefs.

Complain? To whom do you address your complaints; when such actions are either ignored completely, or shuttled through a seemingly impenetrable maze of administrative offices, committees and admin. personnel; such that when you receive a reply, if ever; you have forgotten what the question was?

My honest conclusion? Hasten the day when David and his mates push out their new channel, which will welcome everyone who accepts that honest debate, without name-tags or scurrilous labels; has an almost sacred place in our world.

Why stop him being extradited?

If you physically rob a bank in the United Kingdom and get arrested, convicted and sentenced; you serve time in a British prison (also known as Butlins’). Stands to reason, you do the crime: you serve the time! But what happens if you use T’Internet to literally rob a bank in New Jersey, or Montana? The Justice officials in London would receive an extradition request from a Court in America, so that your physical presence would be tried where the crime was committed; in New Jersey or Montana. It is equable. You may have stayed in London, or in Macclesfield, when tapping away at your keyboard, but the results of your criminal activity were felt in New Jersey, or Montana, and that; mate, is where you will be tried and sentenced, if found guilty.

But what would be, or rather should be; the outcome if you were part of a hacker collective; if you thought you were above the law; if you had the idea that you could show people, ezpeshully the ‘Merricun Guvmmint’ that they were wrong, and they should listen to you, and you decided that you would take action to prove that you knew better than the authorities.

Amongst the many targets which the oh-so-smart Lauri Love penetrated were:-

  • Army Engineer Research and Development Center in Missouri
  • US Department of Health and Human Services breached
  • US Sentencing Commission website defaced with a video criticising sentences for internet crimes. Site stayed down for three weeks
  • As well as the sites, thousands of e-mail addresses were looted from the servers, all by the same smart-arses which included Lauri Love

But he left a few clues, including the statement “I am invincible”, and the United States decided to prove that he wasn’t; ending up, two years after he cracked all these sites, with the Metropolitan Police on his doorstep, armed with an extradition warrant.

Then all the sob stories commenced peeling out of the ‘grab-bag’ of excuses usually trotted out by such as he, inclusive of the all-encompassing ‘Get-out-of-jail-free’ card known as Asberger’s Syndrome, eczema, declining mental health, etc., etc.. Now before any ATW reader reckons and claims I am unfeeling, grouchy or just don’t understand those who are afflicted by these problems; I have two relatives afflicted by this sort of problem, and I know of that which I speak. This bloke Lauri Love knew exactly what he was doing, knew exactly the type of damage he was going to wreak upon American Government web-sites, all allegedly in protest at the death of a fellow hacker who committed suicide.

He is charged with hacking the US government as part of a protest against the treatment of Aaron Swartz, a programmer renowned for helping develop the social network Reddit.Love stated “Swartz was symbolic,’ he says. ‘He was a totem for people that have been involved in the internet community, in building the technical architecture and shaping how it would evolve and integrate into society. I personally cried for days and was completely distraught after Aaron died.’

My opinion is encapsulated within the comment ‘Aw Diddums!’

He and his legal supporters will spin out the legal extradition processes, after the High Court, the Supreme Court, and then the European Court of Human Rights: he may get away with it, he may not; but the excuses, the ‘strong moral code’ it is said he possesses; all tell, one thing, and one thing only; he knew exactly what he was doing, and; in the words of the Sage:- “If you can’t do the time; Don’t do the Crime!”

You can fool all of the people; all of the time

Sunday Times’ Rod Liddle:- I interviewed Ian Smith, leader of Rhodesia until Independence, and asked; ‘How would Mugabe do as leader?’ Smith replied, ‘He will be there for thirty years, murder or imprison all of his opponents; and bankrupt the country!’

Not a terribly bad call.


In my long years of watching, viewing and commenting upon Black African Politics, I see nothing but the repeat, time and time again, of the new, or rather recycled thugs taking over the governing, or rather the raping, of the country they have “rescued” from the depredations of the last thuggish Dictator who has just been removed /overthrown /sliced-diced-refried /set on his way to his Swiss bank accounts.

When I first heard of the ‘Military’ arresting Mugabe, and then allowing the festering thief who is his wife Grace to claim asylum in Namibia, I felt that I could write the whole saga without a single reference to either broadcast TV, print and online newspapers or other political blogs. Yes, we saw the hundreds of thousands of protesters dancing in jubilation at the ‘theoretical’ downfall of the man who led Zimbabwe; but that jubilation turned sour when Mugabe refused to play ball, and stated he would continue.

My point, briefly, if any discussion on Black Africa can ever be short, or brief, or concise, is simply that one bunch of thieves is being stripped of their positions, graft, bank balances: but the Zimbabwean People will never, ever, see that reflected in their standards of living because the NEXT set of thieves, cut-throats and killers are ever ready to step in and grab the swag, the power and the Government positions which will enrich them; before any other.

For a sober, steady and reflective view of Zimbabwe in particular, and Black Africa in general, take a quiet half-hour, and graze through a sample of Cathy Buckle’s writings. There you will see the real story of Zimbabwe, a fabled land which truly held the title of ‘Breadbasket of Africa’, but sadly now holds the title of ‘Yet another Failed State’; where starvation rules amidst a land which was, truly, the most bounteous Country of all.

I might, indeed I probably will, be sneered at for my next sentence but, in my own view, it must be written, because it it true. The ONLY incorruptible State; in All of Africa, was when the Afrikaaners, and before them the English, ruled in South Africa.

Rohingyas: not enough angst, nowhere near enough blood.

The International Authorities stand accused; and Britain in particular, says international law expert Professor Penny Green, from Queen Mary University of London, interviewed by Sky News. She reckons the World is shirking its responsibilities by not labelling the forced removal of the Rohingyas as Genocide. But the good Professor is a little cagey when it comes to what happens after the ‘Genocide’ is agreed.

Do the Western Powers decide to invade Burma, punish these nasty Buddhists who are being so ruthless in simply fighting back against an armed Muslim insurgency in the only way they know how: which is by kicking these invaders out of Burma, and sending them back to where they came from? Do we invade yet another Regime’s country which we disagree with, on the grounds that they aren’t very nice people? Do these people who protest just a tad too loudly, do so because of the simple truth that, for once, it is Muslims which are getting kicked in the butt? Haven’t we seen enough of the effects in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to have learned to keep our noses out of places which simply do not wish our presence or involvement

Genocide is a very specific term within the sparse vocabulary of International Law. It is defined as the structural and systematic destruction of innocent people by a state bureaucratic apparatus. I see no genocide in the deliberate movement of a large number of Muslims from Rakhine State to Bangladesh. Yes, they are being shoved out, but I see no holocaust, as there was with the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda and Burundi. The Hutus deliberately targeted Tutsis in a series of massacres, after the Hutu got cheesed off with Tutsi raids on Rwandan Hutu. Tribal violence is very near the surface in most of Black Africa with the uneducated masses easy to manipulate; and, when it explodes, such as in Kenya, its simply best to be somewhere else. I see forced movement in Burma, I see villages burnt, but is this not a modern version of ‘We don’t want you, and this is what happens when we get cheesed off with your violence, your murders and armed insurrections’. Its maybe not very pleasant to watch, but we shouldn’t get too loud about it; after all, from Spain’s colonial past, to America stretching out over the plains and the mountains; it has always been thus.

No, Professor Penny darlin’, just get back in your cushy little box, and find another project with which to beat the Western democracies over the head and chest with. The International Criminal Court just isn’t a suitable venue, and besides which Burma would probably tell you to go and get stuffed! Great Britain might plan to do many things, but take on a disciplined and motivated army the size of Burma’s without a damn good reason? We’re just not that daft; and besides which, our Armed Forces have been allowed to decay so much, we couldn’t even get a decent Armoured Division ready, and then transport them halfway around the world; because we are just not capable any more!

“The cost of everything: and the value of nothing!”

Sometimes, when reading the Guardian, I am reminded of the old aphorism; You must know your enemy in order to defeat him.

Before and during Hitler’s rise to power in 1920’s & 1930’s Germany, his power base was bolstered by his formation of the SturmAbteilung (SA); virtually his private army. Formed of mercenaries, former soldiers, and member of the Freikorps, they performed many duties with which the early Nazis didn’t wish to soil their hands. They persecuted Jews, formed bands and beat up political opponents, with blockades of universities against ‘undesirables’ such as Jews a speciality. They became very powerful, too powerful for the German Generals who now saw that Hitler was the coming ‘leader’; but they resisted accepting and working with him until Hitler accepted that one private Army was one too many. Hitler then organised the ‘Night of the Long Knives’; detaining and executing the top levels of the SA, and decimating the middle rank and file.

When one reads of huge Companies making ever larger profits out of doing work for the Public; for doing work which should be, or used to be done by the  Civil Service; we should examine their history, and see if their history (good or bad) has had any effect upon the value of further Contacts awarded to that Company: and more importantly why they were awarded the contracts after screwing up so badly.

Group 4 (G4S) has been handed a tender worth a conservative £290 millions, which would allow it to arrest and detain people who have not paid their Court fines, making it the first private Company whose employees will be given the power of detention by the State. Remember, these guys; G4S employees are not trained and Sworn officers, such as the Police are, they are civilians, just like you and I; they hold only allegiance to one entity, the Company which pays them.
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Brexit costs Money (Squared)

European Union demands Britain pay its fair share of all projects signed up to during her membership of the European Union.

That is all projects, useful, practical, helpful: or not; over four decades of waste.

Even the real pie-in-the-sky projects, dreamed up by people who fell in love with an idea so ridiculous that it should have been rubbish-bin-bound before being even printed.

Let me lead you down the path of sheer, utter stupidity; which, amongst others, had cost British taxpayers just over a million quid before the Government came to their belated senses and cancelled the whole stupid, outrageous, silly shebang: and then, the lunatics having taken over the Asylum, are again considering spending lots of our cash on, well, absolutely nothing workable at all! As well as the sheer lunacy of the Climate Change Act, which will cost us, here in the UK, billions of pounds to achieve: absolutely nothing!

The EU wanted to show super-willing, with all the garbage about either ‘Global Warming/Climate Change  (GW/CC) due to man-made Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which they claim too much of which is changing the weather, melting the ice-caps and flooding Pacific Islands. Lots of people have written lots of stuff about GW/CC, so I won’t bore you with the details. When I state that the first bloke to run with this lunacy was an American POLITICIAN named Al Gore, which should really have warned a lot of sensible people that a whole heap of cash was heading, well, Gore-wards! Suffice to say that ten thousand scientists have bodged up twenty million reports, graphs and papers, all telling us we’re all doomed: and people like me, only much, much smarter; are calmly saying “Hang about a bit, if you are right, we should be seeing this, or that. Instead, folks, we are seeing, well, not a lot of change at all.”

So the Europeans heard of the ‘Gold Standard’ of GW/CC strategies, which is Carbon Capture & Storage. This scheme, which basically says any Carbon Dioxide which comes from, say, a coal-fired Thermal Power Station should, I repeat SHOULD, be stored safely, preferably underground, and not released into the atmosphere, where it would be allegedly melting all that ice at the North Pole, and possibly the South Pole as well. So they spent £520 million quid on the planning and various detailed projects, and came up with Sweet **ck All; because they had got their sums wrong, and the (hoped for) technology just would not work, or be efficient, or not run thirty times over budget!

The British side of things was to set up a competition to design, build and operate a C.C.& S system, worth One Billion quid; but then they cancelled it, as I wrote, because it just would not work, and then some clown got the ear of yet another POLITICIAN, and now Claire Perry thinks she can SAVE THE WORLD from, well, not very much at all!

‘Zeus; Apollo: On Guard’

I rarely note the deaths of ‘Slebs’ or ‘singers’ whom I have never heard of; but I would make an exception this morning when I post on the death of John Hillerman. The surprising choice of a Texan to play the part of a grouchy, pedantic English butler, working as caretaker in a Hawaiian Island estate, who was lumbered with the erratic detective Magnum, played of course by Tom Selleck, made the series; catapulted Selleck into the big time, and furnished a slightly-surprised Texan with a legion of fans, all of whom thought he was British.


A really nice guy, and a credit to the acting profession.

Trial by Fury

Welsh Labour’s Carl Sergeant commits suicide, less than four days after his dismissal by the Welsh Labour Leader. That, folks, are the facts as we know them. The allegations, although not published but are only quoted by ‘informed sources’.

News pages state the allegations ranged from groping to unwanted attention and ‘inappropriate touching’, it has been claimed.

No-one actually knows the sources, apart from senior Welsh Labour figures, including Carwyn Jones, the Welsh leader.

As far as is known, Carl Sergeant was told he was suspended, but not told of the severity of the allegations against him. So either he knew of more allegations ‘in the wind’, or he knew that his behavior had been completely unacceptable, and he had used his position, his office and , of course, his power over staff and others, to ensure that nothing would be said.

His worries must have overcome him, and, in the old words from my days, his life was ended as ‘the balance of his mind was disturbed’.

But my annoyance, my anger, is not aimed at Mr. Sergeant, troubled man that he was: no, my annoyance is aimed fair and square at those who suffered his attentions, his hands and his base sexual urges, if that was what happened: and did nothing about it!

As I have written before, and will no doubt do again, if you want to be vindicated, if you wish the problems to stop, speak out, speak out against the BULLIES of this world; and shame the very devil!

I’m dying becoz I is Effnic:

The title of the Transplant bunch’s document is The UK Strategy ‘Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020’, and, unintentionally or otherwise, gives  the truth behind the Vultures’ ideas. The hoped-for translation is, of course, the desired pathway, by increasing the so-called donor numbers, to reach their target of 80% of ‘consents’ received for the ‘Harvest’ to begin. The actual translation, to me at least, resonates on the word ‘….Taking….’: meaning grabbing, by any means, legal or otherwise, the organs of those unfortunates still living, but marked with an invisible but indelible sign saying ‘Human remains: Useful’.

But human nature being what it is, ordinary people don’t like being told that the State owns their remains, to be plundered even before natural death occurs, because ‘Oh, just think of those who might benefit! Surely you, or you, or even you; will not stand in the way of surgical, medical and transplant progress?’ The Black & Ethnic Minority Communities, lumping together a large group of people who have literally, nothing else in common besides not being white, seem remarkably reluctant to go against literally decades of their own thoughts, ideals and, dare I say it; Cultures, and quite reasonably say, together; ‘Nope, you can do certain things with our relatives’ bodies, but you cannot slice and dice them just because you reckon it would serve a higher purpose.

Lord knows I disagree with just about all the relative positions, policies and diverse ambitions of our B.A.M.E. subjects who reside, legally, within our borders. I reckon they should get just as much, or alternatively just as little, attention as everyone else. Not a jot more, or less, because of their ethnicity; than the rest of the population of the British Isles; but here is a point: if they don’t want to donate their relatives’ organs, it is on the cards, and in the processes of Law right now, that unless they individually ‘OPT-OUT’ of the system, it will be ‘Harvest time’ for the B.A.M.E. bodies as they lie, still breathing, with the Vultures sharpening up the scalpels, sterilising their trays, and getting their spectacles all fogged-up in anticipation

King was too busy to open the hospital

When Edward the Eighth announced his Abdication, the British people were, literally; stunned. The news, first broken by a Scots reporter with an eye for the extraordinary news that the new King was ‘too busy’ to attend the opening of a new hospital, scooped the world with the printed story that Edward the Eighth, the King who was at that moment planning his Coronation; was in fact meeting a twice-divorced American woman whom he had been ‘involved with’ for over four years. The following furore, heightened by a Church whose leaders who had been silently discouraging of the liaison, but who were now emboldened to speak out against this American divorcee; a Government and a peculiarly compliant Media, newspapers and a docile BBC who suddenly were, literally, unleashed to tell, the story of their uncrowned King who was determined to go ‘His’ own way. The Government told the King that his plans for marriage were unacceptable, this was backed by the Archbishop of Westminster as leader of the Anglican Faith to the Head of that church, and he then had to decide: either give up Mrs. Simpson, whose figurative tentacles were wrapped around his penis; or Abdicate.

As everyone knows, he chose Wallis, and Abdication, over a Crown and a Nation whose very image of the playboy King had been so rudely, and abruptly, broken into shards and dust! He made great play of the ‘fact’ that his brother, the Duke of York, had received the training and education to enable him to receive the Crown on his shoulders instead of the man who was jacking it all in because he could not have his own way. The deep hatred which sat in the heart and mind of Elizabeth, George Sixth’s Duchess and now, of course, his future Queen towards the woman who, in her own mind, had persuaded Edward to betray his country was everlasting, bitter and subsuming. She flatly refused to meet or receive her enemy, now of course her sister-in-law, she refused to even countenance the attribution, normal to her station in life of ‘Her Royal Highness’, and of course so coveted by Edward, now Duke of Windsor, and that deep hatred lasted her own long life. When her husband, George the Sixth, died, she allowed the Duke of Windsor to be invited to attend the funeral, but pointedly, the Duchess was not mentioned.

But times change, and memories mellow. As the Queen celebrates her Seventieth Anniversary, it is notable that her Uncle David’s portrait has been hung in the National Portrait Gallery, albeit pictured in uniform when in service during WW1; an omission which was notable for many, many years. The Queen’s own mother would probably have burned the painting, rather than ever have it displayed during her lifetime, as she blamed the abdication for her own beloved husband’s early death through taking on the Monarchy instead of being allowed to be ‘the Spare’.

Yep, my girl-friend needs it to clean her nails.

Just your normal, average, friendly, fully-integrated Muslim terror trainee. WE NOW HAVE OVER 2.5 MILLION MUSLIMS IN GT.BRITAIN; not all are inclined towards Terror, jihad, and the occasional decapitation: but, you can never tell: after all, they all tend to look and act completely normally, don’t they? And a small percentage gets the “Lone Wolf’ treatment when they go off on their lethal benders. So what should be done? After all, a steadily increasing proportion of these adherents are now born in Britain; but still cling to this deadly; well, I was going to write Religion; but it is much more than that. It is a way of life, living by a Book which has been interpreted sixteen ways from Sunday, with absolutely no common ground between different interpretations of the same page. Their leaders are split between two main branches, Sunni and Shia, and the one difference between both sects and Western-type religious thought is that the Muslims are quite ready to kill the ‘Unbelievers’ if they think, or if they are taught, that it is necessary.

The very ideal of moving forwards towards an opponent whilst being fairly certain you will die whilst attempting to take the ‘Unbeliever’s’ life is so foreign to the average Western mindset that such an activity was not even considered necessary to factor into ordinary security calculations. The straight-forward road from that mindset lead directly to Ground Zero in Manhattan. I mean to say, even our own home-grown murderous scum who sheltered under the IRA/SinnFein banners wanted to live, after killing their victims with bombs or bullets, and it was only by chance that  we got really lucky, and they died when their explosives detonated prematurely!

So, as I asked before, what should Western Governments do to ensure that we, as  a nominally Judeo/Christian society, survive in the face of a slow-moving but ever-increasing force which is intent, knowingly or otherwise, on our forcible integration into the world of some bloke named Muhammad?

Can anyone foresee a Western Government strong enough to send all the imported Wahabbi Imams back to Saudi? Can anyone see any Government in Europe with enough gumption to state, ‘Stop; enough; you can have planning permission for your next mosque once we see the first Christian (Greek orthodox, Eastern-Orthodox, even plain Protestant) church be consecrated and opened in, say, Mecca, or even Riyadh, or perhaps even Tehran; along with the guaranteed safety of Christians to worship openly in any of those cities, never mind countries. Lets get our own Government, or rather what passes for our Government, to stop the suicidal rate of familial and all other types of Immigration from all Commonwealth Muslim-dominated countries, and stop the steady increase into a ghetto-ized series of Muslim enclaves.

Munir Hassan Mohammad and Rowaida El-Hassan were detected, caught, and are standing trial on terror offences; both accused of plotting to build a bomb from substances available on the High Street. Munir’s only mistake, after buying his hydrogen peroxide base; was to search out and purchase a bottle of acetone-free nail-polish remover, under the mistaken assumption he was buying a product composed of acetone; an active substance used to make TATP, a highly-volatile and lethal explosive. She is a chemist; he worked in Burton’s. Burton’s: could he have burrowed any deeper into the British undergrowth? No-one guessed that this couple were plotting to massacre innocents; no-one that is apart from the Security people. Multiply Munir and Roweida by 12,500, and you have the number of terror suspects on the Security Services’ radar right now: AND WE ARE STILL LETTING THE MURDEROUS BASTARDS INTO OUR COUNTRY!

“To be a free people in our land,”

There have been many British decisions in politics, both local and global, which have been of dubious benefit to both Britain and the wider world: but the one outstanding piece of diplomatic British expression was the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which could be said to have been the stepping stone for the creation of modern Israel, with its Independence on the 14th May 1948.

The State of Israel, the ONLY Democratic State in a veritable sea of Arab dictatorships, has persevered, despite overwhelming opposition from the Muslim States, then bolstered by the old USSR; and with the military genius which gave it overwhelming victory in the 1967 Six-Day war. With the support of America as the guarantor of modern Israel; with the strength of a Nation which knew that they had to win every battle, such as the Egyptian/Syrian/Jordanian onslaught  of the Yom Kippur War of 1973, when the Egyptians, under the shade of a massive, interlocking anti-aircraft missile defence, manoeuvred into the Sinai over the canal; whilst the Syrians pushed their massive tank regiments onto the Golan Heights; all this made possible by an Israel High Command which simply did not listen to the intelligence reports. They had to literally fight to survive, and of course history tells us that they did so, because they, again literally had to.

The mealy-mouthed British support for a modern Israel: demonstrated by the Prime Minister hosting the Balfour banquet with the Israeli Prime Minister despite the acceptance of the Palestinian ‘Ambassador’ to the Court of St James; trying, as usual, to be all things to all people, and, naturally; succeeding with none.

We should remember the oath which was taken after the truth about the Holocaust was finally discovered; which reads ‘NEVER AGAIN’; after the reports of the Jews being marched off the trains into the Camps which sat, smouldering of death, all across the Occupied Territories!