Yep, my girl-friend needs it to clean her nails.

Just your normal, average, friendly, fully-integrated Muslim terror trainee. WE NOW HAVE OVER 2.5 MILLION MUSLIMS IN GT.BRITAIN; not all are inclined towards Terror, jihad, and the occasional decapitation: but, you can never tell: after all, they all tend to look and act completely normally, don’t they? And a small percentage gets the “Lone Wolf’ treatment when they go off on their lethal benders. So what should be done? After all, a steadily increasing proportion of these adherents are now born in Britain; but still cling to this deadly; well, I was going to write Religion; but it is much more than that. It is a way of life, living by a Book which has been interpreted sixteen ways from Sunday, with absolutely no common ground between different interpretations of the same page. Their leaders are split between two main branches, Sunni and Shia, and the one difference between both sects and Western-type religious thought is that the Muslims are quite ready to kill the ‘Unbelievers’ if they think, or if they are taught, that it is necessary.

The very ideal of moving forwards towards an opponent whilst being fairly certain you will die whilst attempting to take the ‘Unbeliever’s’ life is so foreign to the average Western mindset that such an activity was not even considered necessary to factor into ordinary security calculations. The straight-forward road from that mindset lead directly to Ground Zero in Manhattan. I mean to say, even our own home-grown murderous scum who sheltered under the IRA/SinnFein banners wanted to live, after killing their victims with bombs or bullets, and it was only by chance that  we got really lucky, and they died when their explosives detonated prematurely!

So, as I asked before, what should Western Governments do to ensure that we, as  a nominally Judeo/Christian society, survive in the face of a slow-moving but ever-increasing force which is intent, knowingly or otherwise, on our forcible integration into the world of some bloke named Muhammad?

Can anyone foresee a Western Government strong enough to send all the imported Wahabbi Imams back to Saudi? Can anyone see any Government in Europe with enough gumption to state, ‘Stop; enough; you can have planning permission for your next mosque once we see the first Christian (Greek orthodox, Eastern-Orthodox, even plain Protestant) church be consecrated and opened in, say, Mecca, or even Riyadh, or perhaps even Tehran; along with the guaranteed safety of Christians to worship openly in any of those cities, never mind countries. Lets get our own Government, or rather what passes for our Government, to stop the suicidal rate of familial and all other types of Immigration from all Commonwealth Muslim-dominated countries, and stop the steady increase into a ghetto-ized series of Muslim enclaves.

Munir Hassan Mohammad and Rowaida El-Hassan were detected, caught, and are standing trial on terror offences; both accused of plotting to build a bomb from substances available on the High Street. Munir’s only mistake, after buying his hydrogen peroxide base; was to search out and purchase a bottle of acetone-free nail-polish remover, under the mistaken assumption he was buying a product composed of acetone; an active substance used to make TATP, a highly-volatile and lethal explosive. She is a chemist; he worked in Burton’s. Burton’s: could he have burrowed any deeper into the British undergrowth? No-one guessed that this couple were plotting to massacre innocents; no-one that is apart from the Security people. Multiply Munir and Roweida by 12,500, and you have the number of terror suspects on the Security Services’ radar right now: AND WE ARE STILL LETTING THE MURDEROUS BASTARDS INTO OUR COUNTRY!