Trial by Fury

Welsh Labour’s Carl Sergeant commits suicide, less than four days after his dismissal by the Welsh Labour Leader. That, folks, are the facts as we know them. The allegations, although not published but are only quoted by ‘informed sources’.

News pages state the allegations ranged from groping to unwanted attention and ‘inappropriate touching’, it has been claimed.

No-one actually knows the sources, apart from senior Welsh Labour figures, including Carwyn Jones, the Welsh leader.

As far as is known, Carl Sergeant was told he was suspended, but not told of the severity of the allegations against him. So either he knew of more allegations ‘in the wind’, or he knew that his behavior had been completely unacceptable, and he had used his position, his office and , of course, his power over staff and others, to ensure that nothing would be said.

His worries must have overcome him, and, in the old words from my days, his life was ended as ‘the balance of his mind was disturbed’.

But my annoyance, my anger, is not aimed at Mr. Sergeant, troubled man that he was: no, my annoyance is aimed fair and square at those who suffered his attentions, his hands and his base sexual urges, if that was what happened: and did nothing about it!

As I have written before, and will no doubt do again, if you want to be vindicated, if you wish the problems to stop, speak out, speak out against the BULLIES of this world; and shame the very devil!