The troubling signs of Left-wing Censorship

I watched and listened with concern to my mate David’s video broadcast, and, more and more, am convinced that not only he is right, but the vision of an autocratic ideal that only one view should be sustained is getting ever clearer.

Fact. Google, a private company, one of the world’s largest and most influential within the wider digital world; owns YouTube. They can, and have done in the past, regulate the views of the millions of video postings with, maybe, too light a hand. But, the imposition of almost censorship by stealth is easily available because of the failure of too little regulation in the past. Because of the calls for removal of videos depicting and glorifying jihadi violence, or sexual abuse of children; the Google controllers have flip-flopped into a situation whereby they now consider that they have the right, and indeed the authority, to block, censor and remove search results and postings which are antithetical to THEIR viewpoints. The Google ‘groupthink’ was best illustrated when a Google staffer posted a mild rebuke to the total Left-wards ‘diversity’ ideal extant within this uber-Liberal Company: he was fired within hours.

I am not a Tweeter, I don’t know how the various bits meld together, but if David, an avid Tweeter, states that Twitter is proposing to send ‘bots’ which will search out your blogging and search history to check if your views are opposite to the central stream, and this search would then determine if you remain on Twitter or if your presence in the listings is modified; I believe him when he states that this is yet another threat to the very concept of free speech. I wonder what would have happened if Prez. Trump had not won the election? Would he still have a Twitter account? Somehow, I doubt it.

I believe that this attempt to stifle ANY debate, ANY viewpoint which opposes the views of the Left, ANY sharing of ideas which are, because they are in opposition to the bog-standard Left-wing viewpoint (with heavy emphasis on the bog); is the beginning of the Left’s attempts to stifle all debate from their opponents: and should be fought against by all freedom-minded people. All; Left- as well as Right-Wing; on the simple reasoning that speaks with one voice, asking: “who the hell are you to decide what I should write, or read, or watch, or discuss?”.

Part of the problem stems from the labelling of any opinion which dissents from the ‘ruling liberal or left-wing viewpoint as ‘Far-Right’. This label sticks like shit on a blanket, no matter how ridiculous the classification may be. When an individual or a group is labelled ‘Far-right’, immediately they are classified as classmates of Mussolini or Hitler, and from that second on they have to fight to overcome that classification as well as attempting to state their own viewpoints. If a group of Polish patriots decide to gather and protest against the dead hand of the EU pressing ever harder on their own Government and Democratic institutions and decrees, they are grouped and catalogued by the MSM as ‘Far right’, when in fact these people know and remember only too well the actual happenings of the real Fascists, the real ‘Far-right’, who came alongside the panzer regiments, the goose-stepping divisions; and the oh-so-friendly Einsatzgruppen squads. It is that cataloguing which the Left routinely slams onto all its opposition, whether even remotely justified or not, which seems to be the source of this latest attempt to muzzle debate, opinion or idea;, and it is that cataloguing which must be argued and resisted all the way along the line.

One of Northern Ireland’s well-known and respected commentators, David used to appear on the BBC Northern Irish broadcasts, irregularly it is true, but he was given some time; usually outnumbered two-, three-, or four-to-one, but he was given airtime; but that ceased; he was, in fact, censored for not toeing the Beeb party line: so he went to RT, who happily gave him air-time to debate with his opponents; which is all that he desired: to argue, up front, with opponents of his ideals and his beliefs: a strange dichotomy where a proponent of all things democratic is given air-time by a broadcaster who has strong links to the Kremlin; as opposed to the British State Broadcaster which has muzzled my friend David because of his views and beliefs.

Complain? To whom do you address your complaints; when such actions are either ignored completely, or shuttled through a seemingly impenetrable maze of administrative offices, committees and admin. personnel; such that when you receive a reply, if ever; you have forgotten what the question was?

My honest conclusion? Hasten the day when David and his mates push out their new channel, which will welcome everyone who accepts that honest debate, without name-tags or scurrilous labels; has an almost sacred place in our world.