And where Bermuda leads: hopefully others may follow.

We are informed in the Catholic Herald that the first chink in the ‘Homosexual Marriage’ farrago has occurred in Bermuda. Seems as if the People, when asked, definitely said ‘Thus far; and no Further’ to the ‘same-sex’ battalions in that definitely-conservative (in the truest possible sense of the term) British Overseas Territory.

They had a Referendum, asking the question if the Islanders wanted to legalise Homosexual Marriage, and the Island stated “No”; but the vote was queried because only 47% of voters went to the polls.

A homosexual Bermudian and his Canadian “partner” went to the High Court, and a single judge overruled the Parliament, and stated that the pair could ‘marry’. Loud scenes of jubilation’ no doubt.

A subsequent election led to a change of government, and last week the House of Assembly passed a measure restoring the traditional definition of marriage. Domestic partnerships, a form of civil partnership, will now be available to same-sex couples instead of marriage. This is significant and encouraging news. Same-sex marriage is not irreversible. Determined public pressure can influence politicians to restore the traditional definition of marriage.

Unfortunately for we Brits, we have a Education Secretary with her own homosexual agenda, a weak Prime Minister who couldn’t stand against a 2 m.p.h. Breeze; a polyglot mob of homosexual clowns in Westminster; and a dearth of politicians who would act in concert against the ‘PinkMob’. So, in the meantime, congratulate Bermuda for seeing a return to traditional values, where Marriage has regained the lustre shed with the judgement of one man!

And the best bit? The first ‘Homosexual Marriage’ cruises were scheduled for January. A change to the law in Bermuda could be a major spanner in the works for cruise liners based in Bermuda. Bermuda-based cruise line P&O Cruises has already begun taking bookings for same-sex weddings at sea, with ceremonies beginning in January 2018.

As the company’s fleet is primarily registered in Bermuda, it was able to offer legally-recognised homosexual unions at sea under Bermudan law. No longer. Good news!

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