I have seen the future: and I worry!

I drove out early, bypassing the morning rush-hour queues with a well-travelled shortcut; pausing only to marvel at the ‘Canaletto’-like array of sunlit clouds as the sun arose. It was truly beautiful; amazing beyond words: and it is only at times like that that I wish that I was blessed with the spirit of poetry imbued within my veins, heart and mind. A couple of drivers actually pulled into a side space, so that they might photograph that amazing sight; I had to push on for an appointment, but was reluctant to do so. I have a selection of sunsets stored on my computer, but as for sunrises? Too damn early for the sheer admiration of Nature’s beauty.

I visited my son this morning, after a small check session with the GP surgery. On the couch sat, and then lay, my TWO-year-old Grandson, totally ensconced and entranced by the videos and games he was watching on his Dad’s iPad; but not only watching them; but navigating from one screen to the next; making his mind up as to whether he would stay and watch, or move on to the next. Completely in control of his tiny environment, he knew which pattern to swipe; he had learned to push past the screens which bored him, and settled on some mind-bending story of race cars.

The truly amazing thing for this 77-year-old Grandad is the manner in which he accessed the screen’s controls as though he was a ten-year veteran. The ‘worry’ in my headline? That he, and hundreds of thousand like him, will be denied the honest chance to discover things for themselves, to poke around in a muddy pond, to build a castle in the sand before the tide comes back in, and learning about majestic things, such as tides, and the power of the sea and of the moon, and gravity, all at the same time. As I said, I admire the advances in digital technology; but: a tad too soon for a magical two-year-old grandson to have access to all of this at his fingertips? I honestly do not know!