Itz not the ‘Kutz’: Its people not doing their jobs correctly

Baroness Shami Chakrabati (title awarded for services ((in every sense of the word)) to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party) was being asked on BBC Today about the standards for police and the Crown Prosecution Service. As I normally give her a rather grudging respect, precisely because she is a lawyer, and rather a good one as well; I was expecting a straight answer to a straight question, which was whether the three rape cases whose prosecutions fell apart after late disclosure of evidence to the defence team was a ‘one-off’; or whether they were just the tip of a wider, national problem. Her reply, which should have been either the police were at fault in not doing their jobs correctly in the three cases under review; or there was a wider problem, which had to be addressed: was in fact a long, drawn-out splurge about ‘THE KUTZ’, as well as ‘OSSTERITY, LIKE’, and the awful way that the Police, as well as the C.P.S. are struggling with an overload of work because they aren’t getting enough money, and not enough people to do the work: and how awful the Tories are!’


Well, I’m sorry, Dame Shazzam, but you lost my attention after the first syllables of ‘THE KUTZ’; which is a pity, because you had some pretty good points when you were still an honest individual, working for Liberty, ; instead of a shameless shill for Corbyn’s Commies and Lefty radicals.


Shame about that; pet!