Builder, or Mason?

I am, myself, speaking in purely personal terms, not a great fan of the Masons. I dislike the very idea of a secret society, or secret grouping of any type or character. The specific statement regarding Masons is that they might be a purely social club operation, made special by their peculiar regalia, oaths of loyalty and bonds of friendship; with a truly impressive operation in charitable endeavours; but they do tend to choose very carefully whom they ‘raise up’ . The Mason’s demur from the title of Secret Society; rather stating that they are a Society with Secrets. As the old saying goes, ‘You pays your money; etc.’ There is, however, the slimmest of chances that one Mason may seek to gain advantage in one particular area of British life, by appealing to another Mason for assistance above that which would normally be made available. The area is, of course, service as a policeman.

It is a fact that, certainly in the last three decades, some expose՝s or campaigns were published by senior policemen who, for one reason or another, felt they had been overlooked for promotion because of Masonic favouritism during the selection process. Another problem, ludicrous to me because of the attitude that states ‘there must be more black policemen because of the need for diversity’, is being blocked by Masonic policemen. A speedy check on certain BAME officers given advanced promotion would seem to stop that ‘diversity’ attitude in its tracks. A listing of serving police officers has long been mooted, but has been denied on the grounds of ‘Privacy’ and the Human Rights Act.

I believe that there remains a slim chance that, through a Lodge membership, a policeman, senior or junior, may be adjacent to, or friendly with, criminals who are also members, and obviously would be a prime target for corrupt activities. Because of this slim possibility, I believe that Police Staff, of whatever rank, should forebear the comradeship of the Lodge until they retire; that way, even the slightest whiff of impropriety could and should be disavowed.