Offended by ‘Rorke’s Drift’….Discuss

I note that  TransportforLondon (TfL), in yet another display of total obsequiousness to the ‘Easily Offended’ faction amongst the inhabitants of Londonistan, told Dollis Hill Tube station staff to remove the Completely Factual and Opinion-free notice remembering the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, fought in Natal Province, South Africa: between 150-odd British and Colonial Troops guarding the Mission Station and river ford, and an estimated 3,000 Zulu warriors under King Cetshwayo.

The notice, placed on the concourse ‘whiteboard’ by a staff member, did not offer any opinion as to the rights, wrongs or indeed outcomes of the battle, except to note that 11 Victoria Crosses were awarded that day: ‘For Gallantry in the presence of the Enemy’.

As noted in the Telegraph story, one person complained, out of all the thousands who run, walk or shuffle through Dollis Hill Station; and TfL ordered the notice to be obliterated.

I just wonder what would have been the outrage and offence caused if the whiteboard had held, instead, the place-name of Isandlwhana, where, the day before Rorke’s Drift battle had been fought, 1,300 British soldiers had been slaughtered by some 5,000 of those Zulus.

For me, I would salute:-

  • Lieutenant John Rouse Merriott Chard, 5th Field Coy, Royal Engineers
  • Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead; B Coy, 2nd/24th Foot
  • Corporal William Wilson Allen; B Coy, 2nd/24th Foot
  • Private Frederick Hitch; B Coy, 2nd/24th Foot
  • Private Alfred Henry Hook; B Coy, 2nd/24th Foot
  • Private Robert Jones; B Coy, 2nd/24th Foot
  • Private William Jones; B Coy, 2nd/24th Foot
  • Private John Williams; B Coy, 2nd/24th Foot
  • Surgeon James Henry Reynolds; Army Medical Department
  • Acting Assistant Commissary James Langley Dalton; Commissariat and Transport Department
  • Corporal Christian Ferdinand Schiess; 2nd/3rd Natal Native Contingent


All of whom were awarded the Victoria Cross, a timely remembrance of a signal British victory; after the terrible losses of Isandlwhana!

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