And once again, Liverpool leads the way, (moronic, idiocy, plain stupidity)

St. Helen’s Star

In a rare show of solidarity, two hundred plus surgeons, medical specialists and senior medical professionals blocked the road leading to Alder Hey hospital the other day, all in support of the parents of a brain-dead child who now is breathing on his own, but who is likely to die when the automatic synapses controlling his respiratory functions lose stimulus, as they no longer are receiving input from that unfortunate small boy’s brain.

And once again, Liverpool leads the way, (moronic, idiocy, plain stupidity)

The crowd who were chanting, blocking the road and then making an attempt to storm the hospital entrance must have all been medically qualified, as only truly well-educated professionals would be, with the breadth of experience necessary to make complex diagnoses at a distance; to the extent that they would band together and attempt to overturn the decisions of both the consultants and specialists within Alder Hey, and the vast bank of legal knowledge and precedent which guided the High Court, the Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeal.

And once again, Liverpool leads the way, (moronic, idiocy, plain stupidity)

I mean to state, this crowd of ‘concerned supporters’ of that truly sad, but unfortunately brain-dead small body must be overwhelmingly qualified to protest and react as they have been doing, mustn’t they? I just cannot believe that the baying crowd, with their inane caterwauling chants of ‘Save Alfie Evans’ aren’t all medically qualified; but are just a pack of low-I.Q. Liverpool morons, gathered together as only a bunch of ill-educated and squabbling ‘Scousers’ can do, making trouble for the police, and attempting to overturn a legal decision to withdraw life support for that tiny body. They appear to be in the same grade of ‘super-intellect’ which could not tell the difference between a paeadophile and a paeadiatrician. The only thing which does surprise me is they aren’t all wailing ‘You’ll never walk alone”, possibly because even they realise that tiny Alfie isn’t going to be walking anywhere, alone or accompanied, ever again!

Baroness Cox’s truthful words and opinions on Syria

So refreshing to hear a different and totally-unexpected viewpoint on Syria, especially when the world was condemning the alleged  Syrian ‘chemical weaponry attacks’.

Baroness CoxA spirited Lady Cox, a House of Lords Life Peer, who sits on the Crossbenches, meaning she supports neither Party, was a guest on BBC Today a couple of days back (BBC Link, with Lady Cox’; at around 02:33.56), The good Baroness, despite the determined interruptions of the ultra-liberal and ultra-righteous Justin Webb, made her points clearly and managed to shut the outraged tones of Webb down to a dull murmur. Her views on the American, French and British missile attack was to assert that the attacks on Syria, on a sovereign Government and nation were illegal, immoral and unjustified. She stated that she visited not only Damascus, but also Aleppo and Homs, both places retaken from the iron grip of the true terrorists in this savage conflict, the Al-Nusra Front and Al-Queada, along with the Army of Islam. Whilst in those now peaceful places, she found many who praised the Assad government, which is what we should all have been doing from the start of this conflict.

Despite Webb’s horrified comments to the effect that she had been taking tea with (his words and opinion) mass murderers, Lady Cox kept her bat straight, and replied that there had been four thousand hostages held captive in Douma by the Jihadis, and when the area was eventually liberated, some two hundred came out alive. She also made the point, also expressed by others, that the chemical attack, IF IT HAD HAPPENED AT ALL, may well have been carried out by one of the Jihadi Terror Groups fighting the Assad government. As she would be addressed when in the House of Lords, the Noble Lady  gave as good as she received, inclusive of the rare phrase, used to interrupt a BBC pillock who just would not stop attempting to guide the conversation the way which he wanted ” Could I answer….Thank you” and it was a frustrated Julian Webb who cut the conversation short when he could not get the Noble Lady to agree with him!

But the worst few words was spoken with a bitter contempt by Webb for the one-time favourite of the BBC Today’s ultra-goody-two-shoes brigade, Giles Fraser, who was one of the team members on the Syria trip. He had tweeted great sympathy for the Assad Government: and we can’t have someone breaking ranks, especially one as high-profiled as the good Reverend Fraser!

Jeremy Corbyn. Anti-semitic? Or realistic?

We have all read of the Labour Party’s Jewish problem, or rather Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party Leader’s problem. The anti-semitic sneers from Party members, the (alleged) jokes against anyone who shows or exhibits the slightest sign of sympathy for both Israel and Jews in general. The vicious comments on Twitter which show up and just as quickly are deleted. The silence from that same Leader when any sign of anti-Semitism is noted, the deep hesitation when demands are made to have one or more Party members investigated, suspended or dismissed from the Party. The reluctance to even accept that Labour itself has a ‘Jewish problem’, even though many prominent Party members are Jewish themselves.

Corbyn’s problem stems, as far as I can understand, from many strands of his early life and passage through Parliament. He has always had great sympathy for the ‘underdog’. In his own eyes and mind; never mind his political version of reality, anyone, individual or group, standing against Israel is likened to a twisted version of ‘David versus Goliath’: with Israel as the ‘Goliath’, the bully, the friend of America: and any who stand against Israel as that ‘David’.

He spoke of Hamas as “an organization that is dedicated towards the good of the Palestinian people and bringing about long-term peace and social justice and political justice in the whole region.” Hamas: the one organisation whose very Charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel; the terror organisation which insists that the thousands of rockets stored and fired from schools, homes and hospitals are but a symbol of a People yearning to be free. How free is but a statement, as the only opposition to Hamas in Gaza was ruthlessly hunted down and slaughtered.

Corbyn extended a hand to Raed Salah, a preacher of hate associated with the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel. “He is far from a dangerous man,” Corbyn posited rather oddly. “He is a very honoured citizen. He represents his people extremely well and his is a voice that must be heard.”

The unfortunate truth about the stench of anti-semitism which hangs around Labour, and around the very body and mind of Jeremy Corbyn is one of Numbers. He knows that there are approximately 300,000 Jewish people living in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He also knows that he cannot really count upon the votes of the Jewish community as a voting bloc, mainly because the Jews are as sensitive as American sonar to jibes, jokes and sneers as the grass in the fields is to the wind.

But it is because he is, first and foremost a Labour politician to his very fingertips that he really doesn’t worry about that same stench, because his base, in a hundred towns and cities, is anchored and sustained within the Islamic community. It is the one thing which wipes out all the centuries-old arguments between Sunni and Shia, along with all the sub-sects and marginalised children of Muhammed: it is the true detestation of Israel, of the Jews, of anything connected with International Judaism. He will not condemn anti-semitism within his own Party, because that, folks; is the one thing which would hack away at the very foundations of the Muslim support and Muslim voting strength: for the Labour Party.

Labour’s very ethos has been overtaken by the Hard-Left, with Momentum breathing down the very constituencies of moderate Labour MPs. This has taken place because the people who remembered what the Labour Voters actually thought of Hard-line Left ideals, Communist practices and Socialist principles have nearly all either disappeared from Party structures, or they have been sidelined by the new Old Labour; red in tooth and claw. They forgot that it took Neil Kinnock nearly five years to rid his Labour Party of Militant; and it took Tony Blair to make a moderate Labour Party electable.

Corbyn can count, and 300,000 votes are cancelled out by 2,750,000 Muslim votes for Labour: and that is why we only get words, and not very strong words at that, from the anti-semitic side of Jeremy Corbyn.

Hail loss and sadness, and Farewell!

Far from the madding crowd’s ignoble strife,
Their sober wishes never learn’d to stray;
Along the cool sequester’d vale of life
They kept the noiseless tenour of their way.

Thomas Gray. Elegy in a country churchyard

I am a father, and a grandfather. I have known loss, which comes more bitter than the sourest lime or lemon. I have lost a father and mother, an eldest brother and a sister, who died when just sixteen. I have lost, as many of us have, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends and longtime best friends. But so far, I have been lucky, I have not tasted the bitterness of losing a child; so I cannot speak or write from first-hand knowledge of what it must feel like.

So I write as a spectator, when reading, discussing or even attempting to understand the savage pain when facing the truth that your son is not just dying; he is really already dead. The specialists have conferred, the readings off the Electro-Encephalograph and all the other monitoring devices have been studied, and the best medical minds have attempted to tell you the truth: that the body which is lying on that medical bed, sustained by machinery to breath, with artificial means of pumping his blood through his arteries, is no longer capable of life.

They have pleaded with you to let him rest with dignity, they have stood and given their solemn words upon oath that they can do no more. They, those medical professionals, have travelled through the Courts, have watched as you have battled against accepting the truth, the final verdicts from those wise and learned Judges have been pronounced.

It is time to let go,Tom Evans and Kate James, to leave that tragic bedside, and let tiny Alfie’s body commence its journey towards a gravesite which has probably already been allocated and prepared!

Checklist for Police preparing ‘Stop-and-Search’ tactics.

  • Questions which must be asked before preparing to undergo Stop-and-Search(TM) techniques whilst searching suspect:-
  • Is the suspect White-skinned?  If so; determine:-
    • Have they made any visits to Far-Right websites, or else any website not specifically admired by Guardian readers, within the last three months?
    • Are they admirers of Tommy Robinson?
    • Have they re-tweeted any of Tommy Robinson’s tweets before his suspension?
    • Have they used either EDL or BNP websites, (Not to be mistaken for BNP Paribas banking)  as a basis for planned travel?
    • Are they likely to resist the search?
    • If ‘yes’, suspect must be allowed to walk free, as officers must never invade another’s personal space without absolute  certainty and assurance.
    • If ‘No’; the following steps and queries are relevant:-
    • The question must be asked if the suspect is a member of a ‘Protected Community’; i.e., Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (or any of the seventy-six plus variations on the last category)?
    • If the reply is “No, Copper; I isn’t bent!”, or variations upon that theme;
    • the search may proceed, but the suspect may be warned that he might be accused of sexually-threatening language.
    • If the suspect is wearing a football type shirt with the slogan similar to ‘No one likes us; and we don’t care’ emblazoned upon the front facing chest area of the shirt, officers are also warned that this suspect may react in one of two distinct manners:
    • (a) He will move forwards in an aggressive manner, but this is usually bluster, as Millwall hasn’t done well in the League, and all fire has therefore deserted the supporters, or
    • (b) He will raise his arms and prepare to be searched, as this type of suspect (Millwall fan) only goes ‘tooled up’ on match days, and at all other times will be unarmed and not considered dangerous.
    • If the reply is “Yes, Sweetie, but can you make sure that firstly your hands are warmed,”, you are advised that your face muscles and lips must remain rigid during the entire time your hands are upon the suspect’s body; whilst ensuring at all times that no part of the suspect’s genitalia are touched, rubbed, or massaged in any fashion whatsoever.
      • The Questions which must be asked each suspect are repeated further down the check list.
  • If the suspect is Black-skinned, with facial characteristics common to members of the Black-Afro-Caribbean (the old-fashioned and totally-unacceptable term of Negro, which of course must never ever be uttered; applies) racial factor, the following steps must, Repeat Must, be adhered to before commencing search procedures:-
    • You must ask the suspect if he is carrying anything contrary to the following:-
    • Section 1 Prevention of Crime Act 1953 (Offensive Weapons)
    • Section 1A Prevention of Crime Act 1953 (Threatening with an offensive weapon in public)
    • Section 139 Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Bladed and Pointed Articles)
    • Section 139A Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Offensive Weapons, Bladed and Pointed Articles on school premises)
    • Section 139AA Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Threatening with an article with a blade or point or offensive weapon)
    • Section 28 Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 (Using another person to mind a dangerous weapon)
    • Section 1 Knives Act 1997 (Unlawful marketing of knives etc.)
    • If the suspect’s reply is in the negative, you must then caution the suspect that, if a sharp-bladed knife, or indeed a syringe, is discovered after replying in the negative to all of the above questions, severe repercussions will be faced by the suspect, including but not limited to ‘A severe talking to by a nineteen year-old trainee social worker’, arrest and caution for an appearance at a Magistrate’s Court, the sentence being ‘A severe talking to by a nineteen year-old trainee social worker’, and being forced to attend Group Therapy Centre, where lots of highly-paid psychologists will gather to rub their chins reflectively, whilst muttering “I blame the parents” on a rota basis (the muttering, that is).
    • If the suspect stopped is recognised as an identifiable member of one of the one thousand, three hundred and twenty five Black criminal gangs, (as listed by the Metropolitan Police website (updated as of 2008) as being of a criminal, subversive and possibly undertaking drug-related activities as determined within the various Acts, (memorised by the truly observant officer)), protests of innocence should be recorded, but search and arrests are indicated excepting when the suspect states, “My Dad knows Cressida’s Dick” in which case the suspect is to be Tasered immediately, and slung into Custody.
      • If the suspect stopped is of swarthy skin colour, has a beard or is wearing South-East Asian type, or religiously-oriented  clothing, and identifies himself as Muslim, the officer must immediately step back at least one pace, place the palms of both hands together, and bow towards the former suspect, and advise the former suspect that no offence must be taken by the peremptory stop order previously given; and the former suspect must be allowed to go on his way, as Islam, as every officer must be aware, is the Religion of Peace, and any observant Muslim must always be given the benefit of the doubt, as they are always of a peace-loving and gentle nature, despite the foul and calumnious nature of the false propaganda put out by such people as elderly senior members of the Tory Party, Tommy Robinson, certain bloggers of infamous repute; and by subversive news websites such as; or OoL.


End of Advice for Officers preparing to engage on Stop-and-Search activities in London.

UK Gov. top priority. She wants more cash, she’s been ‘Genderised’

Money makes the Gender gap Go away

So we have +/- 23,000 islamic terror suspects within the UK sovereign borders to be electronically monitored on a ‘see what Muhammed or Abu or even Trevor is doing or saying  this week’ basis, observed by a squad of about one hundred and fifty: naturally we have a regiment of the fuzz monitoring Tommy Robinson in case he insults a single muslim, or indeed a religion. Northumbrian Police Commissioner is hiring nineteen LGBT ‘advocates’ to stroke the hands and presumably other parts of LBGT people who feel unable to complain. The Mayor of Hackney, London is organising and hiring his own private army of uniformed ‘Enforcement Officers’ to visit mosques to encourage them to report “hate crimes” (real or imaginary). The entire police forces, services, whatever; of the UK are monitoring Twitter, Facebook and Gardening Weekly for terminal acts of ‘Hate Speech’ threatening the aforementioned 2.6 million ‘Stealth Invasion’ religious participants which were imported into this once pleasant land by a combination of ****ing politicians, lying Governments of all colours and liberal idiots who couldn’t identify a threat to security if it bit them on the genitals. MP David Lammy reckons the London knife crime epidemic is caused by an £11 billion cocaine industry, and because of “Lack of Resources” (A.K.A. giving people less money). And  we now see the entire Tory Government meshed and grappling with… guessed it: the Gender Pay Gap of the entire UK workforce.

They’re campaigning for an idea which states that private and public companies should be forced to pay women and men the same amounts of cash despite their vastly-differing roles within the workforce, despite the plain truth that people do vastly-differing jobs within any organisation, and those employees were offered the rate for the job: and they accepted that rate. Nobody forced them to work for that company, they accepted an offer to do a job for a certain reward, and that should be it.

Whilst still working overseas, I took as stop-gap job with a company, as the project I was aiming for did not commence for a couple of months. We were paid weekly, and in cash held in the standardised envelope, with the main amount less deductions printed on the outside. I put the notes in my wallet, slung the coins into my jacket pocket, and off I went; dropping the envelope into the bin as I passed. I walked into a shit-storm the next day when I got to work, as the bloke who worked alongside me had picked the envelope up and found I was paid more than he was, despite working there for over four years. I simply asked ‘what his problem was’? If he was unhappy with the money he was receiving, why not ask for a pay-raise? Instead of which, he was really p**sed off because the man next to him had the audacity to ask for, and to settle for a weekly wage which was more than he was getting!

If you feel that you should be paid more money for your week’s or month’s work, say so. If you don’t get a raise, and if you are unhappy, move!

Jeremy Corbyn, the opposite of ‘Never Again’!

Consider what has been said/ written/ published/ discussed just in the past two weeks about Corbyn, the Labour leader.

  • He has encouraged, by silence and inactivity; anti-semitic behaviour by Labour MPs and Labour activists.
  • He has virtually ignored mainstream Jewish leaders and Jewish statements
  • He has even ignored pressure from the Jewish leader of the Momentum activist  section of Labour to alter his actions and statements.
  • He says “”People have a right to speak out and they have a right to demonstrate, and that surely is something that’s intrinsic in any democratic society.” in reply to anti-semitic taunts, tweets and statements.
  • He could not, or rather would not, see anything repulsive, or damaging, or even disturbing; about a piece of ‘wall art’ featuring Jewish bankers seated around a Monopoly board supported by the backs and bodies of slaves.
  • Etc., etc., etc..

So why am I, a virulent opponent of everything Jeremy Corbyn stands for; writing; not exactly in defence, but perhaps in explanation of this man?

Simples: really!

All his political life, he has maintained a hard-line Leftist approach, to the extent of voting against his own Party’s stance on over five hundred occasions.

He runs the straight-forward Hard-Left line on Nationalisation, inclusive of paying nothing for privatised industry when ‘Reclaiming it for the People’. His sidekick McDonnell states that the industries’ owners, the shareholders, would be paid in Government bonds, and we all know what their worth would be under a Labour Government.

He is great buddies with the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah, and thinks they have a great cause; and because he is the type of politician who nails his colours to the mast, can never admit that he made a mistake; never admit that the friends are more than dubious, they are just plain wrong: he cannot go back on his word.

When asked point blank if he would use nukes in defence of GB&NI, he temporised, and muttered that he would talk (shortform for ‘surrender’); because he could not contemplate the decision to take that amount of lives.

He attended a Seder Passover supper given by a small outlier Jewish organisation; because these particular Jews all see the world the same as he does. They are hard-line Leftist Jews. They think and state that Israel is a pile of sewage, and should be disposed of accordingly.

But Corbyn dislikes both Israel and the Jews not because he is anti-semitic; he dislikes them because they will not compromise, they will not see the other point of view; they will not bend with the prevailing winds: but instead they make hawks look like three-day-old chicks.

They will fight, because theirs is a fight for survival.

They fight, because the unofficial motto of the Holy Land is, simply, Never Again!