Jeremy Corbyn, the opposite of ‘Never Again’!

Consider what has been said/ written/ published/ discussed just in the past two weeks about Corbyn, the Labour leader.

  • He has encouraged, by silence and inactivity; anti-semitic behaviour by Labour MPs and Labour activists.
  • He has virtually ignored mainstream Jewish leaders and Jewish statements
  • He has even ignored pressure from the Jewish leader of the Momentum activist  section of Labour to alter his actions and statements.
  • He says “”People have a right to speak out and they have a right to demonstrate, and that surely is something that’s intrinsic in any democratic society.” in reply to anti-semitic taunts, tweets and statements.
  • He could not, or rather would not, see anything repulsive, or damaging, or even disturbing; about a piece of ‘wall art’ featuring Jewish bankers seated around a Monopoly board supported by the backs and bodies of slaves.
  • Etc., etc., etc..

So why am I, a virulent opponent of everything Jeremy Corbyn stands for; writing; not exactly in defence, but perhaps in explanation of this man?

Simples: really!

All his political life, he has maintained a hard-line Leftist approach, to the extent of voting against his own Party’s stance on over five hundred occasions.

He runs the straight-forward Hard-Left line on Nationalisation, inclusive of paying nothing for privatised industry when ‘Reclaiming it for the People’. His sidekick McDonnell states that the industries’ owners, the shareholders, would be paid in Government bonds, and we all know what their worth would be under a Labour Government.

He is great buddies with the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah, and thinks they have a great cause; and because he is the type of politician who nails his colours to the mast, can never admit that he made a mistake; never admit that the friends are more than dubious, they are just plain wrong: he cannot go back on his word.

When asked point blank if he would use nukes in defence of GB&NI, he temporised, and muttered that he would talk (shortform for ‘surrender’); because he could not contemplate the decision to take that amount of lives.

He attended a Seder Passover supper given by a small outlier Jewish organisation; because these particular Jews all see the world the same as he does. They are hard-line Leftist Jews. They think and state that Israel is a pile of sewage, and should be disposed of accordingly.

But Corbyn dislikes both Israel and the Jews not because he is anti-semitic; he dislikes them because they will not compromise, they will not see the other point of view; they will not bend with the prevailing winds: but instead they make hawks look like three-day-old chicks.

They will fight, because theirs is a fight for survival.

They fight, because the unofficial motto of the Holy Land is, simply, Never Again!

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