UK Gov. top priority. She wants more cash, she’s been ‘Genderised’

Money makes the Gender gap Go away

So we have +/- 23,000 islamic terror suspects within the UK sovereign borders to be electronically monitored on a ‘see what Muhammed or Abu or even Trevor is doing or saying  this week’ basis, observed by a squad of about one hundred and fifty: naturally we have a regiment of the fuzz monitoring Tommy Robinson in case he insults a single muslim, or indeed a religion. Northumbrian Police Commissioner is hiring nineteen LGBT ‘advocates’ to stroke the hands and presumably other parts of LBGT people who feel unable to complain. The Mayor of Hackney, London is organising and hiring his own private army of uniformed ‘Enforcement Officers’ to visit mosques to encourage them to report “hate crimes” (real or imaginary). The entire police forces, services, whatever; of the UK are monitoring Twitter, Facebook and Gardening Weekly for terminal acts of ‘Hate Speech’ threatening the aforementioned 2.6 million ‘Stealth Invasion’ religious participants which were imported into this once pleasant land by a combination of ****ing politicians, lying Governments of all colours and liberal idiots who couldn’t identify a threat to security if it bit them on the genitals. MP David Lammy reckons the London knife crime epidemic is caused by an £11 billion cocaine industry, and because of “Lack of Resources” (A.K.A. giving people less money). And  we now see the entire Tory Government meshed and grappling with… guessed it: the Gender Pay Gap of the entire UK workforce.

They’re campaigning for an idea which states that private and public companies should be forced to pay women and men the same amounts of cash despite their vastly-differing roles within the workforce, despite the plain truth that people do vastly-differing jobs within any organisation, and those employees were offered the rate for the job: and they accepted that rate. Nobody forced them to work for that company, they accepted an offer to do a job for a certain reward, and that should be it.

Whilst still working overseas, I took as stop-gap job with a company, as the project I was aiming for did not commence for a couple of months. We were paid weekly, and in cash held in the standardised envelope, with the main amount less deductions printed on the outside. I put the notes in my wallet, slung the coins into my jacket pocket, and off I went; dropping the envelope into the bin as I passed. I walked into a shit-storm the next day when I got to work, as the bloke who worked alongside me had picked the envelope up and found I was paid more than he was, despite working there for over four years. I simply asked ‘what his problem was’? If he was unhappy with the money he was receiving, why not ask for a pay-raise? Instead of which, he was really p**sed off because the man next to him had the audacity to ask for, and to settle for a weekly wage which was more than he was getting!

If you feel that you should be paid more money for your week’s or month’s work, say so. If you don’t get a raise, and if you are unhappy, move!