And once again, Liverpool leads the way, (moronic, idiocy, plain stupidity)

St. Helen’s Star

In a rare show of solidarity, two hundred plus surgeons, medical specialists and senior medical professionals blocked the road leading to Alder Hey hospital the other day, all in support of the parents of a brain-dead child who now is breathing on his own, but who is likely to die when the automatic synapses controlling his respiratory functions lose stimulus, as they no longer are receiving input from that unfortunate small boy’s brain.

And once again, Liverpool leads the way, (moronic, idiocy, plain stupidity)

The crowd who were chanting, blocking the road and then making an attempt to storm the hospital entrance must have all been medically qualified, as only truly well-educated professionals would be, with the breadth of experience necessary to make complex diagnoses at a distance; to the extent that they would band together and attempt to overturn the decisions of both the consultants and specialists within Alder Hey, and the vast bank of legal knowledge and precedent which guided the High Court, the Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeal.

And once again, Liverpool leads the way, (moronic, idiocy, plain stupidity)

I mean to state, this crowd of ‘concerned supporters’ of that truly sad, but unfortunately brain-dead small body must be overwhelmingly qualified to protest and react as they have been doing, mustn’t they? I just cannot believe that the baying crowd, with their inane caterwauling chants of ‘Save Alfie Evans’ aren’t all medically qualified; but are just a pack of low-I.Q. Liverpool morons, gathered together as only a bunch of ill-educated and squabbling ‘Scousers’ can do, making trouble for the police, and attempting to overturn a legal decision to withdraw life support for that tiny body. They appear to be in the same grade of ‘super-intellect’ which could not tell the difference between a paeadophile and a paeadiatrician. The only thing which does surprise me is they aren’t all wailing ‘You’ll never walk alone”, possibly because even they realise that tiny Alfie isn’t going to be walking anywhere, alone or accompanied, ever again!